May. 26th, 2011 01:24 pm
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 I keep thinking my LJ entries will be here but the never are! I also forget to post my LJ entries to stupid Facebook.

My Doll!

Apr. 14th, 2011 09:47 am
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 YES! You will be subjected to multiple posts about her! At least until someone goddamn well replies with how much they LOVE her even if they can't afford her!

I NEED a minimum of 10 people in about 30 days to sign on to buy her and I don't know if DoA will let me post the custom manufacturing forum because I don't know if she'll be on topic or whatever! I'm also worried about a bunch of a-holes pming me with accusations of "You ripped her off from Dust of Dolls/Enaibi/Doll Artist I Don't Know...

I have also been thinking of joining Material Celeste, the French forum. They have a lot more on topic dolls and the Google Chrome auto-translates. I can post with Babel Fish translations as long as I don't use contractions. But I don't know if my doll would be well received there considering that it is the home of Enaibi/Lillycat/D.D

Anyway- here is the price list from Nobility

Dear Customer
Thank you for the drawings and images.
You can group order.^^
You can advertise in your community or other online webpages. I will also put your drawings and images in the group order section of the webpage, which will hopefully attract some people.
The price I have mentioned earlier will be the same as this group order.
If the number of order is not enough within a month, the order will be automatically be canceled.

Individual order (1 head+body)5000dollars
Group order : 10 heads+bodies 500dollars per each
20 heads+bodies 400dollars per each
(they are according to the number of bodies not the number of customers)
Thank you very much~!

And more pictures!

My Doll!

Apr. 13th, 2011 12:47 pm
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Well, I had hoped my import of LJ would import the last post I made but it did it not! I am however glad to see Eisheth up there :)

I am working on a doll to have Nobility make and here is her drawing! In case the LJ stuff never makes it over.

So, go check her out on Deviant Art!

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 OK I sold Nyx, Aku, the spare Fir head and I have an interested buyer in Starr my MNF Woosoo. So, why the doll culling?? It is all in the name of having Nobility Doll make me an original doll, one that I have (incompetently) designed. One that incorporates a lot of things I've been thinking about lately and a lot of things I've seen lately.

Here is the thing. The only dolls that really appeal to me are dolls I will never get Like Enaibi's dolls or any of the  Kinoko Juice dolls. Dolls that I MAY be able to get but not soon like Dust of Dolls Puns and Cerisedoll's Loonette 

I am tired of realism. I want something different! The problem comes where there are people making the dolls I want that I can't get so it feels like my only option is to draw my own version of THEIR dolls and get some one else to make it for me like Nobility. I'm tired of none of the dolls I want being available. I would be totally happy NOT to have to steal. I would be totally happy just buying dolls from other people. But they make it impossible! A 21cm mouse doll made by Enaibi sold at auction on ebay for 900 euros that is $1303 USD. 

My true ideal, my dream, would be to start my own doll company and design my own dolls. I can't sculpt though and no faith in collaboration any more. I am totally on my own to do the best I can.

Another problem is I can't draw well enough to get on paper exactly what I want. I am so frustrated with my own lack of skill I can't even express my rage. It's like a wall I just can't break. An to be stymied on every front- not able to buy dolls I want and not able to draw my own- let's not even talk about my total lack of sculpting ability.

OK! So the reason I'm here. HERE is the doll I'm sending to Nobility for them to make. I need 20 other people who want to own her or I can't get her.

This is from Nobility:

Individual order (1 body) : 5000 dollars
Group order : 10 bodis - 500 dollars per each
20 bodies - 400 dollars per each
(they are according to the number of bodies not the number of customers)

Here she is! I need to find out how much a custom head will be. Originally I just wanted something I could put an MSD head on but I don't think it'll look right. She needs a big head to make the proportions work. So I designed a head that STILL isn't what I want. But I'm hoping Nobility can sculpt better than I can draw. I'.m going to send other artists as additional inspiration. 


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Ha! Another thing to update! I can just cross crap from my LJ Blog. God! But I may put up art and bitch less about dolls!
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Well, I just updated the credit card info on Shopping Mall Japan, which I haven't used in like 4 years! And authorized an appalling amount on the off chance that I can one day afford big Lorina coming out for the uber exclusive Huis ten Bosch (can't spell it...)- insert fist shaking at Volks.

I'm also thinking I might thin the herd a little in order to afford a few other things, like Lorina, and Puns, and just in case Soom ever releases anything I want ever again... OR maybe I can get those doll bodies I need- or just something... 

The first to go will be Nyx (MSDolls Devil Drayton), Cocoa (Souldoll Aku), and Jam (Dollfactory Nara). Sadly none of them are real high ticket items. Nyx was a very reasonable $340 and I spent $20 on eye opening (?). Aku is $180, and Jam is about $80, I traded for him so I don't have an exact amount. They are all in excellent condition.

As soon as I bother to strip Sard's hooves he may go back up as well. I'm kinda waiting for that full set  in China to go. Then maybe for 5 min. I'll be the only bloody Sard on the market again. I May list a straight trade or too. I would maybe trade for a fullset Williams but I don't know. A full set Lorina, or Una+money. I dunno. 

Anyway, Sooms new tinies are cute but I am not thrilled with anything they've done this year except for the two dolls I've bought. OK Nephelin did break my heart a little... but I can't afford big dolls and I don't like realistic sculpts in the least, so while I like to look at her I have no real desire to add her to the pile.

ANYWAY! Anyone interested in the dolls I listed? Aku, Drayton, or Nara? 

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 OMG! I finished him! It took like... I don't know. It felt like weeks but it was maybe only one.

ANYWAY! OMG I love him! He is the best doll ever on the WORST body ever. Seriously that Soom MSD body is awful. The joints are horrible. But I love him anyway.

The face-up was nothing like what I envisioned but I think an airbrush (and mad skillz) would be needed to do what I really wanted. Instead I got goth panda again. But I don't care! I think he's awesome!!! 

I will point out one more flaw then post a pic and the link to his gallery thread on DoA. The heavy black pastel got all over his face and I didn't work clean enough. So it muddied the pinks.

His Gallery Thread

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 I should just change this blog to the "Dolly bitch and moan" blog I swear! Nothing good has come out at all! At least nothing obtainable. Soul Crusher (AKA Volks) has big Lorina with the CUTEST outfit available at uber-exclusive Japan only event. Same with Una. Lackluster Golden Week Dolpa offerings- only 2 frickin Dolllfies from a light novel series I've never heard of. And even Soom is just doing a bunch on big dolls. No tiny and the kitteh dolliez were a disappointment.

I am seriously considering selling a lot more than just the hateful Sard to get the above mention Una and Lorina for extortion prices off Y!J auctions. God forbid they throw the Americans a bone. Although it DID happen last year with NYDolpa and the Alice/Lorina & Rabbit Yos. But there is no NYDolpa! And all they ever release through uhhh... doll magazine FDQ (?) is crappy fashion doll looking SD16 girls. Which I could buy an effing Tonner for less if that's what I wanted.

Ok! Venom spewed and bile drained! My humors are now aligned.

I am writing! Still! And trying to write more! I did well today :) I re-started work on Calvin. I'm going total horror- as terrible as I can make and as miserable as I can make it for him and not kill a 12 yr old protag. It will be submitted to Damnation which is one of the horror places I can find open to submissions.

I'm a little annoyed with independent small POD presses right now because it seems like ALL of them are porno/erotica/romance.  What about regular books where no one bangs (to excess)? What ever happened to those? 

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 OMG! I sent in the Carmine story!! It went out to a completely unknown quantity- Brambling Books- which I found on Duotrope. Cross you fingers for me everyone! It's been awhile since I've sent off anything! Gah! And if they don't like it I'll never hear from them but they don't say when they'll get in touch people.

I keep trying to tell myself that I'm ahead of the curve in that I can string a coherent sentence together. I mean yes, I should aim  higher than that... but it makes me feel better that at least I have that going for me. I don't know where to put a comma... but I can put a sentence together! Sometimes even in an interesting way!!

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 The kitty paws are a real disappointment. They are just high heel ballerina feet only made to look like paws! I hate it when Soom craps out! Everything else is good though, but not the outfit. I really wanted a cross between Appini feet and my Teschan's bunny legs. And that is what I fully expected. And that is exactly what I DIDN'T get.

And more disappointment. Dust of Dolls feels like they can't make a Puns type body in 40 cm anymore- I guess because Leek beat them to it. And that was one of the reasons I wasn't even going to try and buy Mikhaila. I mean I still won't but it's annoying. And I do like the Puns body so much better! You can't give a little pear shaped girl a Hank Hill ass Leeke! Did you see the teeny buttocks on her? Lame! She should have a big ole butt!

I made some sketches of doll bodies I want and I think I'll try nobility doll. The bodies are neat but I'm having trouble drawing the heads. I'm also having trouble with turn-arounds of the bodies but I may send them to Nobility and ask if they could work with what I have. I 'm so tired of NO ONE making the dolls I want! 

I tried to post to the Kinoko Juice blog begging them to make their dolls available in America but all I got was some kind of error message. I even had Babelfish translate my plea into Japanese...

Well, I guess I have to wait and see if Big Lorina is available in the Volks lottery. With my luck they'll just make her a Dolpa exclusive....

Back to Soom for a second- The only thing I can think to do with those kitty feet is bind them and make her look like she's had foot binding but then that means I have to try and make those tiny pointy Chinese shoes that girls with foot binding wore and I am all kinds of too lay and busy for that.
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 The fucking second Carmine story I started which was designed to be about 5,000 words long has come out 1000 words over and I haven't finished writing it! I'm so pissed! I have to cut  over 1K by April 3 to turn it in the 4th (anthology is in Britain) to make the deadline.

Who else takes UF short stories? I'm afraid I won't have a market when I'm done. Also I haven't worked on the loooong Carmine story in awhile and I'm afraid I won't be able to pick it up. Like the long suffering Circumpolar short that is in a binder on my shelf.

HELP ME! *sob*
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This is not

I agonized for a couple days but in the end Leeke ripped off Dust of Dolls and I will wait and hope that D.D makes Pun available (with a different head). I  love the Pun body! I want one at at least 40 cm. I'm tired of every interesting doll with unique porportions clocking in under 20 cm. So I'm on the artist's side. I will not buy the Leeke knock-off.

I'm also sick to death of everything that smacks of originality being unobtainable! I just watched some of  The Core yesterday and have decided that every unobtainable doll I'm going to call them unobtanium. As in what are they made of? Unobtanium. Kinoko Juice I'm looking at you! Same to you Enaibi. God-dammit! And to a lesser extent Cerisedolls.

I think I read one time that it's hard to start a business in France, which sucks for us I guess...
And on the topic of Enaibi and Lillycat- Make dolls that are more than unobtainium meuseum pieces! We love you but $2300+ is asking a lot. 

At the same time I am continually frustrated by the fact that no one makes the dolls I want. NO ONE. When the Leeke girl came out I thought "At last! Something different!" Then I saw the link to the Flicker and it was like oh fuuuuuuuuuu*. So now I'm back to waiting in the event that someone will make something interesting and I can actually get it.

Maybe if I sent Leeke a bunch of drawings they would rip me off and make the dolls I wanted.

P.S. Where's my tiny Soom????


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 Well Joy is done at last! I've only had her over a year! Here is her DoA gallery link I had her face up done a long time ago and posted here, but I finally got her outfit and wig together so now she can make her debut. 

As usual please comment on DoA :)

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 Ahhh dolls, bane of my existence, favored hobby... I hope I can still get a few more of you to vote for Spica on the Luts site.  PLEASE go vote for Spica! AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF LUTS OR LOG IN TO VOTE!! ANYONE can do it- non doll people I'm looking at YOU!!

Here is the link! Go vote!!

AND on top of that it looks like Volks is finally debuting the SDGr girl with a grown up version of Little Alice. There is a pic on the Japanese BBS where the DoA peeps find all the preview pics of dolls. And guess who is in the picture with big little Alice? Big Lorena!!! Who I want to be the teen version of Angelice! Man, I gotta write these books!

Speaking of writing, Tea Times Three is really on it's last couple chapters! Finish them and I have an nearly complete draft 1!! Carmine on the other hand is going like crap. I have to plow through and hope I can fix it when I type it. I also haven't worked on the first Carmine story in a few weeks... I am still edging up to the idea that I really just want to write all the time. I say edging because I still spend way too much time on the computer NOT writing. And that is bad...  And I lose heart when the words don't come, or come out badly. But I really need to get a bunch of things written, edited and ready either for professional publication/submission to agents, OR Kindle e-books. OR I guess Plan B/C is small press

In other news I downloaded Google Chrome and I dub it very good! It's fast and Den Of Angels no longer looks like ass like it does on IE8. BUT I don't lik ethat I can't seem to download anything from gmail and save it. It opens documents but I need to make changes and save them to my hard drive and it doesn't. So to download I use IE8 but I for everything else I've been going with Chrome.
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OK friendz! There iz a small hope Lutz mught release Spica! And I wants him! There is an online  poll on the lower left of the front page- it'z green- asking what LE you want to see re-released. Zo far Dion and Ciann are in the lead. Help me change that!! PLEASE go vote for Spica! AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF LUTS OR LOG IN TO VOTE!! ANYONE can do it- non doll people I'm looking at YOU!!

Here is the link! Go vote!!
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So about 5 years too late to do any good I signed up on Amazon's elite littler author pages or whatever they are. I can now track the 3 Dark Moon Diaryies that sold in recent history.

BUT it will help me eventually if I ever self pub. And man! I am so hardcore pondering Ambriel for me self pubbed book. It is too big to print and this sounds terrible but I don't want to cut and rewrite it, not if I can I just shove it out the door full sized. BUT that meanz finizhing it.

And why am I typing 'z's? My 's' key has juzt about given up. It no longer workz with the button it zo I puzh the little rubber thing under the button and it'z ztarting to hurt my hand.

OK back to Ambriel- it haz bee trunked zince ztarting Tx3 but I am getting zuper enamoured of fizhing and putting it on Kindle/Zmazhwordz. Zo much zo that I am cruizing Zhutterztock for imagez. I alzo found a great image for Tx3 if it comez down to that... BUT hopefully not! I ztill wantz an agent! And a biggie publizher!!!

God the z's are getting annoying aren't they? You never realize how many s's you type til your keyboard quitz working! Like I'm in my own cutrate verzion of Mizery.... 

Made good!

Mar. 8th, 2011 03:51 pm
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I bought 5 $.99 books on Amazon and I bought them cold! Yikes!

The break down:

Scourge: A Grim Doyle Adventure; self described as steampunk for kids. It has a number of excellent reviews and I've had my eye on it for awhile. Also I'm following a thread on AW about how no one buys middle grade and YA on Kindle.

Milrose Munce and the Den of Professional Help; this seeems to be MG pubbed overseas and without an American publisher so they went DIY. I hope this sets a precidence for more foreign books to do this if foreign rights fall through.

Milrose Munce and the Plague of Toxic Fungus; You had me at fungus. This is the sequel obviously.

Night and Chaos: The Deava Chronicles; This one being the rather biased choice! Thought I'd go with an author I KNOW to be good.

Tinna's Promise; I liked the cover art. This should totally prove cover art is still KING! Make a good one! Even for an e-book!! Fork over for that nice stock photo and the extended rights :)

I also got samples of two more.

I'll let you know how this goes....

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Ok. I'm changing up my writing blog little and I'm going to start doing some Kindle reviews of Indie books self-published on Kindle. I'm considering more and more self publishing- not everything- just a few things like my flash fiction (which could be a nice collection), and Ambriel. Plus the story games like these

So the plan is spend $5.00 a month on $.99 indie books from Amazon, review them, maybe even post reviews on Amazon, and see if I take the pulse of e-books and self publishers. I'm particularly interested in those working in genre, YA, and MG.

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I put up a thread on DoA with my group shot!! Not seen here are Willow my Crobidoll Marie and Teschan the Soom bunneh!! So I really have 30 dolls!?!?!??!?

Here is the link with lots more photos!!!-OMG!-super-image-heavy!&p=7542804&posted=1#post7542804  comments would be awesome!!


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