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Jul. 8th, 2008 06:25 pm
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I have pics of my dolls from a couple weeks ago. I spammed the DoA boards (and actually got comments) but haven't put them on LJ yet. The clothes were part of a trade I did for the Yori head I sold a while ago.

So, pics in a minute- yes I'm a horrible tease. Othere writers actually talk about writing on their blogs... I think. At least they have projects to announce. Gah! This has just turned into a doll blog. I'm sorry! I can curse CBS though! CBS- you rotten bastards! 'Threshold'  was THE BEST series EVER!! I hate you to death! I just finished watching the extras on the last disc of 'Threshold" and the producers talked about some of the plans they had. OMG! It was going to be so good and so amazing! I'm sorry I watched it- just knowing all the coolness that will NEVER come to pass is completely pissing me off!

Okay, back to dolls. I will have mercy and put many of them under a cut. I finally took some pictures of Kurumi that are actually worthy of her so I'm pretty pleased. Luna always looks awesome! I can't take a bad picture of her, but somehow Kurumi defeats me more often than not.


All right... more under the cut :)

As usual I took about 50 pictures or so. Kurumi has no shoes on because the only pair of shoes she has won't fit over the thick pink striped socks.  The hood has bunny ears too! The pics or on my photobucket but good luck finding them... I'm not well organized...

I have more pictures too! I put prple eyes in Nutmeg and took Nutmeg, Souxsie, and Bon Bon out for a shoot. I seem to have misplaced the chord to connect my camera to the computer though so those will have to wait. Elfdoll eyeputty is digusting! So is Latidoll. I though Lati eyeputty was the worst until I put new eyes in Nutmeg! Although all I've been using is translucent Fimo. (it's not transparent until baked though). But after seeing pics of Sculpy melting the resin in a doll head I kinda freaked out! Everyone is okay though. Apparently Fimo is alright. Though I can't vouch for colored Fimo. Still- someone told me to use silicon earplug stuff and that you can get it at the drugstore. I have yet to test this however.


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