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For starters I won the Innocent Seraphim Paper Doll contest!!!!!! Yays! I worked hard in Photoshop to do my best and it paid off! I get a free membership! If I can get to Bellevue! *SOB* They are also giving prizes to the contest winners at the opening ceremony! The super lucky winer of the BJD Photo contest wins a doll! So congratulations to the! Here's a link to the InnoSera page so you can check out all the winners  I'm going to see if anyone I know is going to the con by car to see if I can hitch a ride. I'm also check airline prices on Orbitz just incase I can get up there cheap. Last will be the train. Its cheap but takes like one whole day, maybe two to get there and I'm just too dang old to sleep in seats.

Second thing of AWESOME was that I jogged for 9 whole minutes! Yeah! Not super fast, 4.8-4.5 but still awesome! For me that's a real acheivement! I've never been much into jogging or running, but I started to feel like I could do it lately so I've been working my way up a minute or so at a time for the past month. And I just got a pair of New Balance running shoes! I hope I bought the right shoes! I tried them out today and the soles of my feet hurt. I feel they don't have the cushioning I'd like in a running shoe but running in them was a lot better than my Sketchers sport which is what I normally wear to the gym. I also have a lot of problems with heel pain and I'm not sure what to do about it. I've seen braces and stretching equipment which is supposed to help but I don't know what to buy.

And I'm getting ready for San Diego Comic Con! Yeah! I'm gonna go get my train ticket and start writing a packing list. I need to make food and take it with me too! Which means tons of tiny grilled cheese sandwiches. Enough for six days of lunch/diner. I'm also going to the Tokyopop Creator Summit. I KNOW it will be stoopid but I'd like to see if Troy (my former editor) is there and meet Armand Villevert which I've swapped a few e-mails with. Mara introduced us. I'll also get to meet Gabe Hernandez who is working with me on a comic to submit to Zuda.


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