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All right, finally I have taken pictures of Nyx, my greyskin MSDolls Devil Drayton- try saying that five times fast- and while he is really lovely I don't know that he'll stay. Between Soom tinies, Domuya Life Project and Rosette School of dolls I am well truely screwed. The Domuya dolls theme is Air Pollution! I think she might be bird themed!!!!

So anyway, I may be swayed by public opinion. If I could EVER successfully post a poll I would post one about should I keep him yes or no. I will say I'm leaning to keeping him but there are a few problems. #1- the MSDolls 'gay body' is hard to shop for. He does fit nicely in Kimonos though, and #2- I could sell him for the price of Bygg...

So here are pics! More under the cut.

More Nyx )

Okay, I'll spare you any more! I posted him on DoA of course, so please feel free to comment on him there as well!

I think I'll post a couple more later. I have some with some cool lighting through the venetian blinds and more in sepia. I don't usually use the sepia setting on the cmera I find it gimmicky, but it does look nicely antique and I thought he'd look good like that so I used it. I think the sepia pics turned out pretty lovely.

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Yesterday I just wanted to rant about words, but today I want to post some pics of my dolls. I took a group shot of the entire crew! I don't know whether to be pleased with myself or hang my head in shame. I certainly own a bounty of dolls!

I took progressive shots as I got them all out but here is the entire crew. Under the cut- if I can get it to work are the progressive shots if you want close-ups and a breakdown of the crew.

Progressive chots )


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