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28. Have you ever written a character with physical or mental disabilities? Describe them, and if there's nothing major to speak of, tell us a few smaller ones.

Not really. I have to say and that sounds so narrow minded. But I think it's easy to get these things wrong too which may be one of the reasons I haven't. Research. I'm not a big researcher. I think it would be intereting though. I wa absolutely blown away by Death the Kid in Soul Eater having OCD. I know it's there for comic relief and I don't know how much the author knows about OCD but what an aweome twist!

Day 5 - Anime character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)

Often I feel a lot like Usagi from Sailor Moon. Not to bright and really klutzy! Although to be truthful- interest wise I'm a lot like Yumiko Reidman from Read or Die. The scene that introduces her where they how her apartment/building and it's full of books- well, I just about died! Plus I wish I had paper powers! Best super power ever!!

I am a book junkie, and a paper junkie. I have ream of paper jut sitting around! I'm not kidding!!

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Well, my time in Oakland is almost up. I'm happy to go home and see Igor again! The little buggers been with my parents for the last two weeks. But I have had fun, the weather is glorious here! And I found presents for my mom's B-day which we are having when I get back. I found things I wouldn't have at home so that's nice. I also bought really beautiful copper and tin switchplates for my house. AND to top it all off when I get back the garage will have been painted and I get to see my colors in person and not just on a paint chip :)

So the memes!

24. How willing are you to kill your characters if the plot so demands it? What's the most interesting way you've killed someone?

I will if I have to. I guess I haven't written anything where anyone dies really... Except some mystery flash fiction but with mystery, well, I mean, the entire BASIS of the story is someone dies, so I'm not sure that counts. Gee, I guess I don't write anything very violent!

Now I kind of wish I did! I would like to write a really action oriented bloodfest sometime. Everything I write is cute! Arg! Now I feel bad and soooo non-edgy... I mean, I'm actually ENJOYING At Home in Mitford! WTH!?!?! I've lost edge folks, sorry.

Day 2 - Favorite anime you’ve watched so far

Wow..... this is so tough. I mean Miyazaki movies are at the top. I endlessly re-watch Spitited Away and Kiki's Delivery Service. I ADORE Whisper of the Heart and Only Yesterday, and Totoro! But series wise... Kamichu is one of the best shows I've seen and I wish they had made more! Aria: The Natural too, but I'm saving that for another answer :) And even though I've only seen the first 18 episodes.. Soul Eater! It is a book/anime that I dealy wish I had thought of myself! It just amazes me on every level.

Kamichu is one of those really sweet anime where nothing violent or terrible happens but it's still infused with a subtle and gentle magic that embraces both the everyday and the otherworldly. MAKE MORE EPISODES!

Soul Eater is gothic, kinetic, high energy, funny, and no doubt eventually the ubertragic will kick in because, hey it IS a Japanese show. Hopefully no one I like dies- DO NOT TELL ME! I already had Hellsing ruined for me forever!


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