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I'll get to the begging in a minute.

First! I have done work this week! I wrote whole bunch of yaoi reviews for Otaku USA and that was fun. One of the books was really good too. It's just called Boys Love which is the worst title ever! I mean that's even lazier than my titles! Thing is it's good! It's coming out from Doki Doki and in the coming months my review will be is, guess what magazine? Otau USA! That's right!

Also I continue to work on the RFM: Behold my progress!!!

And then I inked one of the Cabaret Fairies for Queen Kat Designs

I think I'll have to edit out most of the detail in the feather facinator because it's just too much small line work.

I also inked my 1950 paper doll. I did that awhile a go but what the hell- I never posted her so here she is.

I aent chapter 1 of Roserie and Marrow to and sent it my two readers. So far it is ok I guess. I need to be a better writer but don't know how. I can't write beautifull prose. I have come to this conclusion. The sort of poetic beauty of authors like Ray Bradbury will forever elude me. I have a small vocabulary an can barely string a sentance together. I can tell things plainly. Who needs adjectives right? Or metaphors or similes?? Not me! That's who!

I do continue to work on R&M and am about halfway through typing chapter 2 and am writing chapter 3. I think it's bad idea. I think I should type the script and send it to the artist for whom it was intended and then find someone when they won't do it. And then after person 2 falls through maybe I'll pick it up as a prose once again.

The begging! I needs money! I need to buy 2 Yries from Soom! One for me and one for my mother to replace her beloved pet Mr.Bird who died in September. We all loved that bird so much and it was horrible when she died. Mom has sworn off pets entirely and that makes me sad. But this is a pet that won't die! But she'll never buy one for herself. And I don't have $300. Sooo, remember that etsy shop I used to pimp a lot? Well it's still there.

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