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Someone actually put my art in a Treasury on Etsy!  Go check it out! It's the painting on the bottom.

I uploaded my con pics to my computer... Turns out there's 300 of them. I'm NOT resizing and posting them. Interested parties are going to get a disc of pics to do with as they please!

So far those wanting my con photos are
and my mom

Those getting my con pics as a special prezzie are

Does anyone else want them? They consist mostly of blurry photos of Patton Oswalt LOL! Not really, but there's a few head scratchers in there.

Other than that not much is going on. Work continues. Mostly for Brett. Synopsis of the secret project is almost complete! Never thought I'd get there.

My mom is having her gallbladder removed. Apparently it doesn't really do anything except occasionally malfunction and require removal. 

Sard is almost 100% paid off! I cancelled the body brushing on him after seeing photos of the Beryl brushing problems. I can do a little something with pastels.

I NEED another can of MSC though! OMG! Saint- the Volks Tony head is 90% complete! I'm debating a few painted details but then he's done! Now I just need his body back :) His face-up, layers of white pastel to look like make-up, took almost the entire can of MSC to finish. I need to get someone with an airbrush to do Saint 2.0 when this face-up chips.... Alexie is also headless in anticipation of his 5th? re-do!! OMG! Yes, I'm doing it myself...again. Barring pro-bono work from SDink I really can't afford anyone good, and none of these people are my special friends since I don't live near anyone and can't go to doll meets. So unless Lachlana takes charity cases, it's me or nothing.
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I was looking over Yahoo Japan auctions- like this is a surprise- and noticed this handsomely painted Heath.

This is what I wished Alexei looked like....


Not like this- this is how he looks now.

Why oh why can't I get mine to look this?? Okay, I know the answer to this. #1- I don't have an airbrush nor would it neccesarily help if I did #2-I'd like to blame the fact that I need to buy a set of Volks face-up brushes, but it's probably my lack of skill. However I'd like to point out the fact that I managed to paint Scarlet and Lacrima decently, and I've always been proud of how Emilio turned out. Maybe I should blame the Heath sculpt for being difficult. Or Volks for making his default face-up so damn lazy! 

For the record this is Alexei's third face-up by me, and technically his fourth. I think he's also starting to stain a little which is odd because I'm a little heavy handed with the MSC. But last time I re-face-uped him it looked a little grey around his eyes. I will probably have a go at redoing him again soon. I'd like to get Saint done first in case I run out of MSC abd have to buy another can.

I always wanted a Morbidollz face-up on him to be honest but she's booked, and expensive and I'm not even sure she takes commissions anymore... So, it's back to me again. 

The worst part is painting the lips. This time around I tried to emphasize the slight smile that the Heath mold has. I wanted a wicked looking smile. My hands aren't steady enough either, They naver have been, which is funny since supposedly I'm an artist.


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