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That is from the title of a Southpark episode- I beleive it's the one where the boys face off with a dance crew. But it perfectly describes how my new pet bird looks.

This is how this happened. I was passing the pet store on my way home from the post office and decided to see if there were any tortoises. No. Then I peek in the bird room to see if there are any cockateils. No. Instead there is this ugly ass little lovebird.

Ugly: I'm the worst bird here! I look like I'm going die any second! You'll find me belly up on the cage floor the instant you take me home! Buy Me!

Me: Okay!

So one fancy ass snap together cage later, and here it is! No name yet although I'm taking suggestions! So far F'edin the A** is about all I got.

But people do this right? Normal well adjusted people have pets, care for them, and then the pets die and they are sad but get over it right? I can do this right? I haven't had a pet since my giant millipede Lovecraft died. Maybe I'll get another one of those too. And there is a lavender headed parrot at the aweful pet store that needs rescueing! The owner couldn't care for it any more and it's in a windowless little room with barking dogs and it must be so scared!

Oh god- this is how it starts! All those crazy animal hoarders and crazy cat ladies!

*deep breath* So anyway, this little bird got it's ass handed to it by the other lovebirds and had to be seperated from them before they killed it. It is a Peach-faced variation and supposedly the feathers will grow back. With luck it will be healthy. The bird research sites said that lovebirds are hardy and very popular and pleasant companion birds. It also said do not keep them with other birds because they will kill them! They are active, and with out a 'mate' or another lovebird will bond with their owners. I'm going to work on taming it and building trust. It isn't too aggressive- I can put my hand in the cage and it doesn't attack, but it does shy away. First thing I think is to get it to associate the hand with food and treats. It's not too noisy so far but I think it'll perk up once it gets more used to my house. And contrary to the bird sites, which said lovebirds adore shredding paper, having a sheltered 'bolt hole' and playing with toilet paper roll tubes- this bird has ignored the cardboard tube, won't go into it's plushie tree stump and hasn't even nibbled the paper I put in it's cage.


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