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Well, it took long enough! Here is the gallery post on DoA please go and post comments! No one loves my dolls!!! :( *cry*

But here are a few of them anyway. The armour was made by Abi and Mike They would probably be open to taking more doll armor commissions.

I did the face-up myself. The white base I did with crushed white Rembrandt pastels and almost an entire can of MSC. It's layer upon layer of pastel, each one sealed before the next layer was out on. It's horrifically fragile! If I had the money I'd get someone with an airbrush to re-do it for me. The wig is from 4D and its really nice but has been shedding like crazy!! It was not cheap either! A big wad of hair fell out this morning after I was done taking pics... The eyes are Volks vermillion with white line, and Annette has a whole horror story for that too! I'm SOOOO sorry!!

The body is an oldskin Volks boy body that is kinda... well... crap. I totally over paid for it but it was my fault. The girl selling it had a price on it or OBO and like a dumdass I just paid the price for it. Anyway, I'll never get back what I spent on him so I'm stuck with him. The body is yellowed, which is why I did the white face-up on Saint, the seams were badly removed, he has stains and light scratches all over. I need to get some Bon Ami and give him a real scrub down. Also the Tony head's neck hole is a little big fro the oldskin neck and his head is real floppy. I may suede the neck later on.

Wow! That pic is HUGE! I sized it! I swear!

More under the merciful cut. Lots of pics!





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