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I don't know if I wrote yeterday or not- presumably I did. I think I worked on my MG horror. Which is sort of an odd duck. By the time I'm done with it it may be waaaaay to much middle grade. BUT today I wrote some more on Tx3! Yay! 

I'm at 353 pages- handwritten which is just about 50 or so pages from where I THINK 50,000-60,000 words are. Or will be. Or whatever. Anyway it all boils down to I have about hit my word limit but the book is still going. I don't know where it will end but I hope it ends soon! Gahhh! Why don't I know what I'm doing??

I checked Chocolat out of the library. The book has a lot more magic than the movie- like full frontal discussions of 'my mom was a witch'. But it isn't total balls out fantasy. But I'm still pleasantly surprised.

I also checked out a MG fantasy called The Magic Thief and it one of those super well written books that just makes me want to hang myself in the closet because I feel shitty ass writer after reading the first three chapters. In no way shape or form am I this clever, or good with words.

I'm convinced this is why I haven't been reading lately. All I want to do is play my Nintendo DS. And you know why? Video games don't make me feel stupid. At least not the ones I play.

Doll Awesomeness: The Soom lottery! I am SOOOOOOO entering for Afi! It's as good a chance one as I've had lately. I also found a swap partner to get my Winnie Dee Ai hooves for my Syen. I traded them today. Yay! Now I have to paint them! Arg. I did buy the pastels I need for my Yrie which is still boxed! She's been here almost a year too. Arg again.

Oh! And more Soom! Holy crap I will never done with them! NO I'm not into the little centaurs- they are cute but not an OMG WTF FLAIL! for me like they are for some people *coughwinterelf* (p.s.-if you love them buy one! You deserve it!) BUT- the Rosette girls have caught my heart hard and fast and The worst part is I have a story for them!! OMG! A fun story too! One I might just serialize online or something! I can put pictures up too! 


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