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Sep. 1st, 2010 09:46 am
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Day 12 - An ecchi picture from your favorite series

Well I had to look up ecchi on the internet! Boy am I behind on the lingo of anime/manga!

Anyway, please to enjoy Soul in the tub with that cat girl who is actually a cat (which is funny all by itself.)

I need to take ome doll pictures! I recently bought ome Unoa clothes on sale from Cheery Doll for Starr, a frilly blouse and some skinny jeans and he looks super cute in them :) Plus I traded my White Rabbit's boy body for a girl body. I still haven't put the head on yet... I need a name for my rabbit! And a better wig, that Volks mohair wig is way too loose. I sueded the head cap and it's still slipping all over the place.

I entered the Pokeman Gijinka swap on DoA!-Accepting-all-participants-from-any-corner-of-the-globe actually I entered two dolls in the swap and I'm looking forward to making cute outfits!

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I needs money to buy an Afi!!! Anyone art?? Or more art?? Comissions both naughty and nice available :) So, uh... yeah! Not much else to say. Workin on T3 and The RFN.  

Day 8 - Most epic anime scene ever

Well, like Soraryuu before me I am lamenting doing this meme without having read all the quetions first... I bet there are some epic scenes in SoulEater, but I haven't gotten that far... So I think I'll go with.... Spirited Away. The whole movie is pretty epic and insanely gorgous!! But one of the really epic scenes was the stink spirit. It was so well done you could almost smell it! But you were thankful you couldn't! And then the whole scene of filling the bathtub was really epic!


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