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Okay! Here are my pictures from World Fantasy Convention 09. There are more on my Photobucket of course, I'll put the high lights up here.

The cajillion books that came in the book bag.

Me in the bathroom of the Fairmont Hotel. With the book bag.

A photo of all the guests of honor. My camera completely betrayed me the entire con. this is the least blury one I got.

Jay Lake interviewing Garth Nix

Me and Garth Nix! Squee! I considered doing something stoopid in like photoshopping hearts and crap around it but that seemed a little too stalkery!

The entire album is here  So check them out! Oh, and dig my pimped out name tag! A lot of people really liked it.

I was also sorry I did not enter the art show. When I saw that it was juried I got worried and decided not to enter but I TOTALLY could have and not embarassed myself. I don't know that I would have sold anything, but considering some of the prices on things I think I might have sold a couple things. I bid on one piece in the art show, a print of the LE Drood cover but I lost when it went up to $50.

I think I did come away from the con with a sense that I CAN be a writer. I went to several readings and what I came with was the idea that a good story is this; a good idea well executed. And I don't think I'm too far off from that. Am I the most poetic writer? No. Will I ever turn out golden sentences cut like diamonds? Maybe not. But I can string a sentance together which is a lot more than I feel like I have been doing in a long, long time.

I also got a good idea for a story during a conversation and I've started writing, and when I finish it I'll send it to the person whose conversation I stole it from :) But I have no plot! Oh noes! I keep doing this. But I think I'll come with something, I hope!

That's not to say that I didn't feel entirely outclassed the entire convention. It was really intimidating and it didn't help that I was there alone. So I was nervous, shy and nuerotic the whole time. Everyone was so much more published than I was. And as usual everyone was there with there friends, or meeting friends that they only see at conventions. So I was, as usual the odd one out. It's always hard to be in a group where everyone is running up to each other and hugging. So it was kind of lonely and I didn't really talk about writing at all with anyone. I didn't really have the nerve to ask other people about their writing and there's nothing worse than someone going on about their OWN writing (namely me) without recipricating. Plus no one asked. Not that I would have said much. I mean what I can I say? I'm maybe halfway through the first draft of an unpublishable novel? I haven't written a short story in 6 months?

That's another thing I came away with. The con re-affirmed what I already know which is you HAVE to write short stories! They are what will get your name out there, and build a reputation.

Oh GOD! And also- I swaer- like everyone there had been to Clarion! Fuck! I'm sorry I don't have $3000 to go work on short stories for a moth in San Diego. I want to go but I don't think they'll accept the fact that I write long hand, and this would be IF, IF, I could get in in the first place, and IF I could pay for it.


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