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Apr. 14th, 2011 09:47 am
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 YES! You will be subjected to multiple posts about her! At least until someone goddamn well replies with how much they LOVE her even if they can't afford her!

I NEED a minimum of 10 people in about 30 days to sign on to buy her and I don't know if DoA will let me post the custom manufacturing forum because I don't know if she'll be on topic or whatever! I'm also worried about a bunch of a-holes pming me with accusations of "You ripped her off from Dust of Dolls/Enaibi/Doll Artist I Don't Know...

I have also been thinking of joining Material Celeste, the French forum. They have a lot more on topic dolls and the Google Chrome auto-translates. I can post with Babel Fish translations as long as I don't use contractions. But I don't know if my doll would be well received there considering that it is the home of Enaibi/Lillycat/D.D

Anyway- here is the price list from Nobility

Dear Customer
Thank you for the drawings and images.
You can group order.^^
You can advertise in your community or other online webpages. I will also put your drawings and images in the group order section of the webpage, which will hopefully attract some people.
The price I have mentioned earlier will be the same as this group order.
If the number of order is not enough within a month, the order will be automatically be canceled.

Individual order (1 head+body)5000dollars
Group order : 10 heads+bodies 500dollars per each
20 heads+bodies 400dollars per each
(they are according to the number of bodies not the number of customers)
Thank you very much~!

And more pictures!

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Well, I just updated the credit card info on Shopping Mall Japan, which I haven't used in like 4 years! And authorized an appalling amount on the off chance that I can one day afford big Lorina coming out for the uber exclusive Huis ten Bosch (can't spell it...)- insert fist shaking at Volks.

I'm also thinking I might thin the herd a little in order to afford a few other things, like Lorina, and Puns, and just in case Soom ever releases anything I want ever again... OR maybe I can get those doll bodies I need- or just something... 

The first to go will be Nyx (MSDolls Devil Drayton), Cocoa (Souldoll Aku), and Jam (Dollfactory Nara). Sadly none of them are real high ticket items. Nyx was a very reasonable $340 and I spent $20 on eye opening (?). Aku is $180, and Jam is about $80, I traded for him so I don't have an exact amount. They are all in excellent condition.

As soon as I bother to strip Sard's hooves he may go back up as well. I'm kinda waiting for that full set  in China to go. Then maybe for 5 min. I'll be the only bloody Sard on the market again. I May list a straight trade or too. I would maybe trade for a fullset Williams but I don't know. A full set Lorina, or Una+money. I dunno. 

Anyway, Sooms new tinies are cute but I am not thrilled with anything they've done this year except for the two dolls I've bought. OK Nephelin did break my heart a little... but I can't afford big dolls and I don't like realistic sculpts in the least, so while I like to look at her I have no real desire to add her to the pile.

ANYWAY! Anyone interested in the dolls I listed? Aku, Drayton, or Nara? 

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OK friendz! There iz a small hope Lutz mught release Spica! And I wants him! There is an online  poll on the lower left of the front page- it'z green- asking what LE you want to see re-released. Zo far Dion and Ciann are in the lead. Help me change that!! PLEASE go vote for Spica! AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF LUTS OR LOG IN TO VOTE!! ANYONE can do it- non doll people I'm looking at YOU!!

Here is the link! Go vote!!


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