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Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:United States of America
You know, after years of the same dumb bio I thought I'd edit it and I still have nothing to say... I'm a writer and ort of author trying to write novels. One novel i going well, one is a Monster in a Box (R.I.P. Spalding Gray) and I'm pondering some others but I won't start a new one until Tea Times Three is done.

I like to write, draw, read, play Nintendo DS, play with my lovebird Igor who is healthy and well! And watch TV. I love to talk to people. I live in a small town with no friends which explaind why I like to read, and write, and draw, and watch TV so much. I have nothing else to do.

I look forward to finishing Tx3 and then it's off to find an agent :) I have my eye on a few, believe me.

I want a lot of things. I want it all. And as the song goes I want it now.

I'm very odd but you wouldn't know it to look to at me. I have lots of strong opinions and I blog about writing and rant on my other blog

I'm very lucky no one reads these things.

Friend me if you want to and poke me if you'd like me to friend you back.

Current Yaoi reviewer for Otaku USA

My dolls
(Isabella Dia Leonetti-CP Lishe)gone but never forgotten
Alexei Feyodorovich Primakov- Volks Heath
Cossette Mimieux- Dollmore Persian Nocturne White
Sathariel- Dollmore Torrie LE
Volks Luna
Volks Kurumi
Nutmeg- ED Alice Cherry Blossom re-release
Saint- Volks Tony on SD13 oldskin body
Souxsie- Lati tan Senny
Bon Bon- Lati tan Renia
Sard- Soom monthly doll
Starr- MNF Woosoo
Scylla- Soom Glot
Jam- Dollfactory Nara
Eisheth- Volks Pearl Dollmore hybrid
Nyx- MSDolls Devil Drayton
Titine- Volks Suiseiseki
Sugar- Volks Remi
Ahriman- Soom Bygg
Joy- Soom Yrie
Willow- Crobidoll Marie
Angelice Ex Libris- Volks Little Lorena
Volks White Rabbit
Charybdis- Soom Syen
Blackrabbit Jack- Soom Teschan

Floating heads

Wither- IOS ASYD
Burn- IOS Mezz

Incoming Dolls
Elfdoll Lovely Yumi

I have two graphic novels published,
Avigon and Avigon: Gods and Demons available from Image Comics
Dark Moon Diary available from TOKYOPOP.
Dark Moon Diary Vol. 2

Here is a short resume for the really dedicated.

Action Girl Comics issue #14 Hootch and Lovecraft
Action Girl comics issue #18 Seraph.
Avigon vol.1 (Image Comics) which I wrote. It was drawn by Jimmie Robinson
Avigon meets Deady in the Deady the Malevolant Teddy Special. Deady one of Voltaire's wonerfully evil creations. The short Avigon meets Deady story was written by me and drawn by Jimmie.
I wrote an article about gothic lolita clothes for Mangaphile # 22(Radio Comix).
Pin-up in Hit the Beach #10 from Radio Comix
Mangaphile # 24 has a 12 page comic from me called Carnival Noctua.
Pin-up in Hit the Beach #12 from Radio Comix
Pin-up in Autumn #4 from Slave Labor Comics
Avigon:Gods and Demons from Image Comics, written by myself and drawn by Jimmie Robinson.
Dark Moon Diary volume 1 TOKYOPOP (Sept 07)

Prose work:

"The Last of Artie", published in the March, 2006 edition of the on-line magazine, Crime and Suspense.
"Birthday Girl", Second Place winner in the 1st Annual Clued-In Press Award for short mystery fiction. April, 2006.
"Perfect Angels", also in Crime and Suspense
"Got Milk2 + Homework = Magic", Drops of Crimson
La Vie en Rose issue 1
La Vie en Rose issue 2

Interests (139):

abjds, alichino, american gothic, anachronism, androids, angel, angels and demons, anime, art, artists, avigon, aya takano, ball joint dolls, ball jointed dolls, big wolf on campus, bjds, books, britain, chi-chian, china mieville, chuck palahniuk, classic strawberry shortcake, clockworks, comic book artists, comic books, commercial art, companion birds, cooking, costume dramas, dame darcy, dark moon diary, demonology, dollfies, doujinshi, dragons, drawing, dreams of decadence, egl, elegant gothic lolita, environmentalism, etsy, fairies, fantasy, farscape, fashion, film, film making, fine art, foreign films, garth nix, gothic, gothic and lolita, gothic and lolita bible, gothic lolita, gothic lolita fashion, h.p. lovecraft, halloween, hellsing, herself the elf, holly hobby, horror, horror fiction, image comics, insects, james clemens, japan, jaurim, jim henson, junko mizuno, kim newman, laurie j. marks, lolita, lovebirds, lovely white, maki kusumoto, manga, manga artists, manga ka, mark ryden, michael moore, michael wincott, minari endou, minicomics, mitsukazu mihara, movies, mst3k, nature documentaries, nintendo ds, now with bill moyers, october project, oh my goth, orange story, paperdolls, parrots, patrick woodroffe, peter watts, photography, prague, ragnar, reading, robotics, robots, rose petal place, rpgs, sailormoon, sanrio, science fiction, scifi, scriptwriting, sharks, shonen ai, shoujo, spiders, star trek, steampunk, storm constantine, strangeworld, super dollfies, t.v, tarot decks, terry pratchett, the dark crystal, the moonbane mage, thomas ligotti, tokyopop, travel, trevor brown, tv nation, tzimisce, vampire: the masquerade, vampires, vampyres, victoriana, video games, werewolves, white wolf, witch hunter robin, writing, yaoi
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