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I need someone to buy the SD16 girl body so I can put in for Pearl My split info is here

I've gotten feelers but no one who is like "I have money and will buy her" I don't know... I just want the head... I think I'll have to buy the wig too. Unfortunately. It's an okay wig I just want to keep costs down.

I want to get an SD13 girl body for Pearl like just about everyone else who is getting her. I WISH I had the money to get the SD16 body though. I still think she'd look with Sard!

But, anyway, I have decided to spend my Dolpa $$$ on heads! OMG! Now I'll have 4 floating heads! I'm thinking I should the others but I can't get much for them. WHY don't I own anything that's actually worth anything that I'd be willing to part with! OH! And there is a Luna on the DoA marketplace who has been there awhile, which just goes to show how bad the economy is!!

Back to heads- I found a Souseiseki head! YAY!! My little Titine is coming home! I may put her on Luna or Kurumi's body for awhile. I don't know.

OH! And I want to try Pearl out on Heath's body just for giggles. Maybe Pearl will make a hottie hot guy! And Alexei is still headless! I'm having trouble getting some of the grey and black pastel out of his lips and mouth which is slowing my efforts to re-do his face-up. This time I'm going redder on the lips instead of the black which is what I've done so far. I'm just hoping I can cover the traces of the last face-up if I can't get them out. I also noticed I went pretty heavy on the MSC last time. It took a long time to get the face-up off.

So, anyway- if you want an SD16 girl body please pm on DoA!! I'm checking frequently! I don't think the price is too unfair. The taxes suck! I'm sorry! I live in Cali! I can't help that!


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