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I just happened across a post which mention how obnoxious all the Airbender fans were being about the movies cast so I looked up the cast list. Not thrilling really so I see their point but everyone is condemning the movie before they've seen it. It could be good. Most of the problem stems from the fact that most of the main cast aren't Asian and this is disappointing but Hollywood is VERY conservative. They poor huge amounts of money into films and NEED to attract the biggest return possible. Their obligations are not to the fans but to their stockholders and I think people need to remember this. I was watching the commentary track on the film The Day After Tomorrow and the directer said that some studio exec wanted the scene where a black man kisses his white wife goodbye taken out. The director was stunned and the scene stayed but this really is still the prevailing attitude of Hollywood brass. I'm sure whether Shyamalan wanted to cast Asians or not the STUDIO has a great deal of say in what actually happens.

Now, with that sadi I just recently watched a fascinating documentary on PBS American Master called Hollywood Chinese which details the sort of rascism prevelant in Hollywood toward Asians and how even now Asian actors, in particular American born Asian actors, STILL have a hard time in Hollywood Here's a link to the PBS site about the show. I'm sure it'll be on DVD soon if not already and I highly recommend it.

So is the cast for Airbender THAT disappointing? Maybe. Sure it would have been nice if there were some more Asians in it. But a lot still rides on the perfomances and whether the actors can ACT. So it may be a good movie. And remeber- you can still buy the DVDs of the TV show! For heavens sake! Just relax! Hollywood was bound to take liberties no matter what! They always do. It's not the end of a world.

And seriously, the cartoon was entertaining but it not exactly mindblowing or groundbreaking, Besides even the cartoon fucked up the ending SOOOO bad!


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