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Once upon a time, before the collapse of TOKYOPOP they were going to do a Jim Henson's The Storyteller anthology like they made the Labyrinth anthology. When my editor told me about the two projects I really wanted to do the Storyteller because I loved that show as a kid and it was the only thing I could think up a story for. There was a super tight deadline involved and I found a fairy tale to base my story on. I story from the Isle of Mann in Britain called The Buggane. Over the space of three days I watched the Storyteller nonstop and wrote my audition script. I wrote it while watching the Storyteller DVDs in order to capture the voice and transitions of the TV show.

The editor of the project apparently loved my script and I was really proud of it. I put a lot of work into it and it was a challenge to write chracters I hadn't created. Then the shit hit the fan at TP, the project changed editors and of now I couldn't say if it will ever happen. My thought is it won't. They seem to have dropped almost all books done by Americans.

But I wanted to post my script because I like it.

The   Buggane

By Che Gilson


Page 1

Panel 1: Interior of the Story Teller’s cottage. The fire is lit and it’s nighttime. A wind howls and a tree branch scratches the window.


                SFX: Oooooowoooooo…

                SFX: Sktch, Skritch


Panel 2: The Story Teller puts another log on the fire. His dog perks his ears and shivers as the wind howls louder.


                SFX: OOOwhooo!

                Dog: I hate nights like this!

                Story Teller: It’s a cold night all right…

                Dog: You…you don’t suppose anythin’s out there, do you?


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