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I have decided to update with actual work. I'm going to take pictures of all my WIP that I work on in a say and post the pics for you all to see. Not that it will be interesting mind you.

A brief intro to the first pic. Goodluck trying to read it! Anyway it's a pic of some prose I'm workin on. Got 3 things I'm writin right now- this one being the longest ongoing project so far. You'll see some of the others as I work on them. Again, not like it's legible... Anyway- no I don't want to discuss it. I'm trying to write 3 things at once to see if I CAN write three things at once. I'm not really a viabley producing author- not in book terms anyway so I thought I better try kicking it into high gear. Some of it is that I write long hand, part of it is I don't spend enough hours chained to my desk and the other part of it is my own raging insecurities.

The next couple of pics are for a paper doll I'm working on for OPDAG's all art issue. It's due in January? I'll have to go look. The themes are Ancient Cultures, Westward Ho!, Fads and Fashions of the 50s. Due to a lack of research material at the library on ancient cultures I settled on the 50s. Here is my 1950s gal in her glorious 50's undies. There is a Dior suit I want her to wear and maybe one other outfit. It's only 1 page so I have to see what I can fit in.

And I worked on her some more this afternoon.

I will fix her head in Photoshop along with everything else. I really only draw one eye when I draw characters from the front. Then I mirror the eye in Photoshop and paste it in thereby insuring symmetry. I'm gonna do that for her lips too. I have a nice shape on the left half and want that to be the lip shape.

Queen Kat Designs- the rubber stamp company making my art into rubberstamps REALLY likes the Cabaret Fairy I drew and asked for two more. Presumably this will make a set of four including the "Green Fairy" which is sort of a prototype or forerunner to the series. So I sketched a couple more today neither of which I like.

Hate the body! It's unsalvagable and I will not be finishing this one.

There may be hope for this one though...


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