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 I should just change this blog to the "Dolly bitch and moan" blog I swear! Nothing good has come out at all! At least nothing obtainable. Soul Crusher (AKA Volks) has big Lorina with the CUTEST outfit available at uber-exclusive Japan only event. Same with Una. Lackluster Golden Week Dolpa offerings- only 2 frickin Dolllfies from a light novel series I've never heard of. And even Soom is just doing a bunch on big dolls. No tiny and the kitteh dolliez were a disappointment.

I am seriously considering selling a lot more than just the hateful Sard to get the above mention Una and Lorina for extortion prices off Y!J auctions. God forbid they throw the Americans a bone. Although it DID happen last year with NYDolpa and the Alice/Lorina & Rabbit Yos. But there is no NYDolpa! And all they ever release through uhhh... doll magazine FDQ (?) is crappy fashion doll looking SD16 girls. Which I could buy an effing Tonner for less if that's what I wanted.

Ok! Venom spewed and bile drained! My humors are now aligned.

I am writing! Still! And trying to write more! I did well today :) I re-started work on Calvin. I'm going total horror- as terrible as I can make and as miserable as I can make it for him and not kill a 12 yr old protag. It will be submitted to Damnation which is one of the horror places I can find open to submissions.

I'm a little annoyed with independent small POD presses right now because it seems like ALL of them are porno/erotica/romance.  What about regular books where no one bangs (to excess)? What ever happened to those? 

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