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 Ahhh dolls, bane of my existence, favored hobby... I hope I can still get a few more of you to vote for Spica on the Luts site.  PLEASE go vote for Spica! AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF LUTS OR LOG IN TO VOTE!! ANYONE can do it- non doll people I'm looking at YOU!!

Here is the link! Go vote!!

AND on top of that it looks like Volks is finally debuting the SDGr girl with a grown up version of Little Alice. There is a pic on the Japanese BBS where the DoA peeps find all the preview pics of dolls. And guess who is in the picture with big little Alice? Big Lorena!!! Who I want to be the teen version of Angelice! Man, I gotta write these books!

Speaking of writing, Tea Times Three is really on it's last couple chapters! Finish them and I have an nearly complete draft 1!! Carmine on the other hand is going like crap. I have to plow through and hope I can fix it when I type it. I also haven't worked on the first Carmine story in a few weeks... I am still edging up to the idea that I really just want to write all the time. I say edging because I still spend way too much time on the computer NOT writing. And that is bad...  And I lose heart when the words don't come, or come out badly. But I really need to get a bunch of things written, edited and ready either for professional publication/submission to agents, OR Kindle e-books. OR I guess Plan B/C is small press

In other news I downloaded Google Chrome and I dub it very good! It's fast and Den Of Angels no longer looks like ass like it does on IE8. BUT I don't lik ethat I can't seem to download anything from gmail and save it. It opens documents but I need to make changes and save them to my hard drive and it doesn't. So to download I use IE8 but I for everything else I've been going with Chrome.
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