Mar. 16th, 2011

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This is not

I agonized for a couple days but in the end Leeke ripped off Dust of Dolls and I will wait and hope that D.D makes Pun available (with a different head). I  love the Pun body! I want one at at least 40 cm. I'm tired of every interesting doll with unique porportions clocking in under 20 cm. So I'm on the artist's side. I will not buy the Leeke knock-off.

I'm also sick to death of everything that smacks of originality being unobtainable! I just watched some of  The Core yesterday and have decided that every unobtainable doll I'm going to call them unobtanium. As in what are they made of? Unobtanium. Kinoko Juice I'm looking at you! Same to you Enaibi. God-dammit! And to a lesser extent Cerisedolls.

I think I read one time that it's hard to start a business in France, which sucks for us I guess...
And on the topic of Enaibi and Lillycat- Make dolls that are more than unobtainium meuseum pieces! We love you but $2300+ is asking a lot. 

At the same time I am continually frustrated by the fact that no one makes the dolls I want. NO ONE. When the Leeke girl came out I thought "At last! Something different!" Then I saw the link to the Flicker and it was like oh fuuuuuuuuuu*. So now I'm back to waiting in the event that someone will make something interesting and I can actually get it.

Maybe if I sent Leeke a bunch of drawings they would rip me off and make the dolls I wanted.

P.S. Where's my tiny Soom????



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