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 The kitty paws are a real disappointment. They are just high heel ballerina feet only made to look like paws! I hate it when Soom craps out! Everything else is good though, but not the outfit. I really wanted a cross between Appini feet and my Teschan's bunny legs. And that is what I fully expected. And that is exactly what I DIDN'T get.

And more disappointment. Dust of Dolls feels like they can't make a Puns type body in 40 cm anymore- I guess because Leek beat them to it. And that was one of the reasons I wasn't even going to try and buy Mikhaila. I mean I still won't but it's annoying. And I do like the Puns body so much better! You can't give a little pear shaped girl a Hank Hill ass Leeke! Did you see the teeny buttocks on her? Lame! She should have a big ole butt!

I made some sketches of doll bodies I want and I think I'll try nobility doll. The bodies are neat but I'm having trouble drawing the heads. I'm also having trouble with turn-arounds of the bodies but I may send them to Nobility and ask if they could work with what I have. I 'm so tired of NO ONE making the dolls I want! 

I tried to post to the Kinoko Juice blog begging them to make their dolls available in America but all I got was some kind of error message. I even had Babelfish translate my plea into Japanese...

Well, I guess I have to wait and see if Big Lorina is available in the Volks lottery. With my luck they'll just make her a Dolpa exclusive....

Back to Soom for a second- The only thing I can think to do with those kitty feet is bind them and make her look like she's had foot binding but then that means I have to try and make those tiny pointy Chinese shoes that girls with foot binding wore and I am all kinds of too lay and busy for that.
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