Feb. 12th, 2011

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Ugh! I want Yo Tenshi Una! http://0bbs.jp/superdollfie/img303_20  (and Nono, but she is rather secondary in the face of WS four sisters..) Good luck on that right? Well as usual it's another thing I can't get. Or at least not for less than a $1000 off Y!J Auctions. OK, maybe $800 but seriously. There isn't even a hope for another US Dolpa really is there? They didn't even do a stupid online Dolpa for their Volks USA anniversery last year. Was it me or was that SUPER LAME of them of them. Instead of actually doing anything for the fans they just wanted cards. And people sent them of course. I would appreciate them a lot more if their dolls were, I don't know, obtainable? That would be cool.

And stupid Sard will not sell! I hate him! Useless chunk of resin! He maybe the worst $1000 I ever spent. But he was fucking cool when he came out! I thought I'd die! I also thought I'd DO something with him. In case you forgot here is the link to his sale http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?423771-Soom-Sard-(ream-White)-2-300&highlight=sard I got one nibble but they wanted me to mail him without insurance and I don't think so!!! Not that big and pricy a doll. No how no way! Besides the instant I get the $$$ for him it is going out the door!

Did I mention I named my Ran Princess Honeybee? Now all I have to do is BUY her! Spread the word about Sard! Someone out there must be longing for this boy!


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