Feb. 3rd, 2011

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Ok, I know I am totally behind on paychannel original programming so I thought I'd check out Sparticus Blood and Sand. O. M. G. Is it supposed to be serious? I mean they can't be serious right? It's basically just a big fat rip-off of 300 which was... let's not go there. I mean do film makers realize that they DID have clothes back then. People didn't just run around in loincloths. There weren't just two fashion choices in the ancient world. Loincloth or toga.

Obviously it's meant to be a comedy right? I mean it's pretty well on the other end of the spectrum as Rome which makes a very good stab in the direction of accuracy and is a GREAT (though cancelled) show.

Also, while I'm talking TV I have been watching a lot of Louis C.K. material and I have to say he is without a doubt the funniest man alive. The problem now is that I've watched a lot of Louis C.K. no other stand up comic is funny. I'm serious! They aren't! I watched about 3 Louis specials in the past month plus his TV show on FX TWICE and every time I try and watch another stand-up comic on Comedy Central they just aren't funny.

So- Louis C.K.- you have to make more things for me to watch because you've ruined me for other comedians. Except Tosh 2.0 for some reason. I've started watching that show and it is amusing.

And speshul prize to anyone who get's the reference in the title of this post.


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