Jan. 20th, 2011

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Pel the Thunderbird Summoner looks COOL! I had been eyeballing the Leeke World elves in cute lavender and minty green skin but Soom always wins! Why is that? Arg!

I just posted in the What's So Cool About Volks thread too explaining why I love them and why I hate them. A lot of people who don't even own Volks seem to come out and bitch about them but I do have first hand experience of them and their dolls and feel fully qualified to bitch about them.

Mostly I just hate HOW they sell the dolls. The dolls themselves are great! I love all my Volks! But when it's so hard to actually get one...

I had enough money that I couls have put in for the last SD17 Williams that came out but for the price of Willy I bought 2 fullset Rosette girls. So I passed by my dream doll with nary a second thought. I keep aying 'Someday I'll get my Ran" too, but darnit Soom just keeps being awesome! Awesome with LAYAWAY :)

Anyway! Back to Pel! I am hoping for fantasy bits, the bird legs I did not get with Tuff and Sueve. But we'll see. Ideally I would like bird legs, wings on her back- not wing arms, and maybe a magnetic bird tail! Total price $750! LOL!

I did make the second payment on my bunneh boy :) YAY! And maybe I can pay him off in time to put Pel on layaway! Oh noes... I need more money!!!

Anyone want art?

Oh crap! Speaking of art! I have no motivation to draw anymore! I ues to fill sketchbooks like nobodies business! I used to love to draw! And now I just don't want to! Even though my art is getting better by virtue of sheer quantity it just feels like a chore lately! A chore that 1-I do for money and 2- Pays me NOTHING. So it's like why bother? I could be writing! It feels like the art is TAKING time away from my writing and that isn't good motivation.

How do I get my art back? I wish I could afford some artbooks and a trip to a Kinokuniya! I used to get a lot of inspiration from artbooks.

But back to the grindstone! I am, I think, closing in on the interminable party scene in Tx3 and I actually typed a little of my werewolf magnum opus! LOL! It's a short story! But I'm so pleased with my bad assery that I don't think I'll write a better werewolf story ever! Ok that's not true. But for wahtever reason the supernatural creatures I do the LEAST with are fairies and werewolves.They just don't do a lot for me. My heart belongs to vampires....


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