Jan. 4th, 2011

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So, how about that super AWESOME New Years Card I sent?? Huh??

Ok fishing for compliments over.

I have now officially joined the Decoden community here on LJ and have started ollecting Decoden supplies, thanks in part to Frogwitch who gave me a gift certificate to Fancy Pocket in Singapore. I bought food molds off Etsy and have a red hot gift certificate to Michaels which will get me glue!

OMG, I went to this site
http://dekoden.com/shop/frontpage_en.php because they have pre-made whip cream parts on sale and after I put everything in my cart I wanted it came out to be like $100 worth of JUST whip creams! And they charge Japanese sales tax even though you aren't in Japan. BUT they have the BEST decoden stuff! OMG! I'm very excited about this! Mostly because it's tiny food! Tiny food of all the food I can't eat in real l ife, cake and cookin, and frosting! I can eat whip cream though...

Anyway! I'M GETTING A KINDLE! For my birthday! Apparently Staples is sold out though so whenever they restock I WILL BE GETTING A KINDLE!!!!! I'm going to save up and buy books for it too!

I also got a vintage MINK COAT! I'm not even shitting you! It's from the 50s/60s and get this- it was $25!!!!!!!!!!! For VINTAGE EFFING MINK! It's in good enough shape that I can wear it and it fits!! VINTAGE MINK!! REAL FUR!!!!!

Now I am fake fur junkie but honestly there is nothing like the real thing! Now I just need some ort of 60s cocktail dresss and I can cosplay Madmen!!! LOL!


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