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Anyway! Anyone else? I figure I better update with this a few times since not everyone will read every post. But I don't need a lot of readers, just a couple people who'll give some criticism so maybe I can pull it from the suckage ranks and make it good. Mabe it will be good. Maybe I'll finish it!

Required reading Part 2
I picked up the last stack of library books/research for the RFN. They are:
From the Terrorist's Point of View ( What They Experience and Why They Come to Destroy) by Fathali Moghaddam- so far this one is pretty dry but I need it the most so I have to stick with it.
Ghost; Confessions of a Counterterrorism Agent by Fred Burton- this one is super exciting. It makes me wonder if he had a ghostwriter, which may be kind of mean, but seriously the prose is fantastic. This probably the second most important book I have to read.
Am I Dead Yet? A Journalist's Perspective on Terrorism by John Scully- this one has the stink iUniverse all over it. In a wierdly ranting bloglike preface the author basically says he wrote it for his grandson. But the book is thin and I can give it a shot. It's an angery book, and the anger so far seems to be aimed at the news media and the public's lack of education. That terrorism is part of a vast and long reaching historical perspective that goes far beyond a sound bite. The events of today are simply the repurcussions of events from , decades, even hundreds of years ago.

For fun reading:
Sweep books 3 and 4Bloodwitch and Dark Magick. The more of these bnooks I read the more addicting they are. Like Wiccan crack. I'm on Bloodwitch now. Not too far in. I have all my required reading to read but the Sweep books are so fast and entertaining they are hard to put down.

Oh, and I just found the funniest comic ever! It's really filthy so be prepared! The whole thing is short vignettes often dirty and all of them funny

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The OTHER thing I'm working on, a... I guess YA book could use a couple readers. I'm going to send it through the Critters grist mill as well, but I was wondering if anyone out there would be vaguely interested. It's got werewolves and vampires- I'm sorry. You have my apologies in advance.

Well, I sure do know how woo don't I?

The first chapter is almost typed and I'm almost done writing the second chapter. You'll get it slowly if you want to read it. Very slowly.Basically as I get things done. But it might be good for some giggles. Make you feel better about your own work at the very least.

Oh, and I'll e-mail it to you. I don't want to post it for the entire web to see.

Give it some thought.


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