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Well my werewolf story is now officially too long! But I have an idea for another short story with the same character! But I want to finish the one I'm on and see how long it is. I'm going to try out a few magazines with this one and maybe Damnation Press although it get's mixed reviews. But there aren't that many places to send long short stories and I don't think it'll hit novella length.

But I suppose I should start the shorter story. Maybe this will be the beginning of the legend of Carmine Rojas El Lobo Negro! Rarrr! LOL! I don't know. I don't know what I'm doing writing wise half the time. I quit work on Calvin because everyone said it's too dark for middle grade kids but I'm dying to work on it even though I have NOTHING more for it. I reached the point where I ran out of outline. And will any horror press take a story with a 12 year protag??? I mean nothing BAD happens to him and he's alive at the end it just happens that all this aweful shit happens to a kid...

Arg! I need a writer support group! AW just doesn't cut it!

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I submitted a small snippet of Ambriel to Juliette Wade's Wednesday Worldbuilding Workshop for analysis. Every week she accepts bits of work in order to help and educate other writers.

You can see my work and what she said about it at the link above. I highly recommend sending something in. Especially if you write science fiction or fantasy.

It was great fun to read her comments :)

And it's nice to know that other people find Ambriel interesting. I hope to finish it one day. I don't know that it will ever be published, but I may self publish it. I just hope I haven't doomed it because I haven't worked on it in months. I've been putting my all into finishing Tea Times Three which I really think could get published.

So, still no takers for Sard. But it's early. And now three copycats have followed in my wake and posted THEIR Sards for sale. I'm a bit annoyed by that frankly but I'm the cheapest Sard with the fantasy bits on the market. 

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Finally! I'm doing it right! The month is almost over and this is only my second update... Sorry!

Anyway here is what I wrote today!

I'm skipping ahead in Tea Times Three because I got really stuck. So I'm skipping to the events leading up to the climactic confrontation. In this scene Matilda has gone to the witches to see if they have anything that will clue her in to what her boyfriend Hugh is thinking/wanting.

And my second project is a MG horror/mystery which is a cross between Medium and Criminal Minds.

In this bit Calvin is using automatic writing to ak a non-verbal ghost questions about his identity.

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I don't know if I wrote yeterday or not- presumably I did. I think I worked on my MG horror. Which is sort of an odd duck. By the time I'm done with it it may be waaaaay to much middle grade. BUT today I wrote some more on Tx3! Yay! 

I'm at 353 pages- handwritten which is just about 50 or so pages from where I THINK 50,000-60,000 words are. Or will be. Or whatever. Anyway it all boils down to I have about hit my word limit but the book is still going. I don't know where it will end but I hope it ends soon! Gahhh! Why don't I know what I'm doing??

I checked Chocolat out of the library. The book has a lot more magic than the movie- like full frontal discussions of 'my mom was a witch'. But it isn't total balls out fantasy. But I'm still pleasantly surprised.

I also checked out a MG fantasy called The Magic Thief and it one of those super well written books that just makes me want to hang myself in the closet because I feel shitty ass writer after reading the first three chapters. In no way shape or form am I this clever, or good with words.

I'm convinced this is why I haven't been reading lately. All I want to do is play my Nintendo DS. And you know why? Video games don't make me feel stupid. At least not the ones I play.

Doll Awesomeness: The Soom lottery! I am SOOOOOOO entering for Afi! It's as good a chance one as I've had lately. I also found a swap partner to get my Winnie Dee Ai hooves for my Syen. I traded them today. Yay! Now I have to paint them! Arg. I did buy the pastels I need for my Yrie which is still boxed! She's been here almost a year too. Arg again.

Oh! And more Soom! Holy crap I will never done with them! NO I'm not into the little centaurs- they are cute but not an OMG WTF FLAIL! for me like they are for some people *coughwinterelf* (p.s.-if you love them buy one! You deserve it!) BUT- the Rosette girls have caught my heart hard and fast and The worst part is I have a story for them!! OMG! A fun story too! One I might just serialize online or something! I can put pictures up too! 

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19. Favorite minor that decided to shove himself into the spotlight and why!

I would have to say Ezekeel from the RFN. He begins as Ambriel's orientation leader and ends up becoming her friend. And if I have the nerve he is potential love interest as well. The problem- he is 400 years old and looks around 40-ish, a well kept wealthy 40 who dresses AWESOME- he's a shopaholic clothes whore too. But maybe when Ambriel gets a little older and a little more interesting. Gah- poor Ruwano- he's SUPPOSED to be Ambriel's BF but disapppears from the story early. He is AWESOME too!

Interestingly there is a minor character I WANTED to give a bigger too and that was the maid- but I haven't had any more room for her *sob*

Tea Times Three has hit 114 pages! Whoot! Handwritten I know how everyone says 'count the words not the pages' but that isn't feasable for the longhand writer. When it's typed I'll worry about word count. I was poking around some publishing sites and one place was adamant that the computer counts words WRONG and gave detailed instructions on how to get an accurate word count. Directions which my mind instantly glossed over. Dude- I didn't become a writer to do MATH. Word can't be that far off for gawds sake.

Today I made cream scones and they are  GENIOUS holy crap!!! Another food revelation- butternut squash! Dear sweet mother of god! I don't care for squash but I saw a jar of Butternut Squash Past sauce and when I read the ingrediants I figured I could make my own. So I got a butternut squash and baked it and prcessed it and tasted it and OMG! Delicious! Of course it is in the freezer right now waiting for me to do something with it.

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Recently I have been quite a few things on the Documentary Channel. I am such a documentary nut! There are actually two documentaries I've always wanted to make. One would be about Comicon. Nothing deep, just about going to the con and trying to squeeze in panels and missing stuff etc. And the other would be about dolls. Of course. But it is nice that there is an entire network for documentaries.

I think I'm going to get Syen. She will be Scylla's sister Charybdis and I'm going to trade the gargoyle legs for Ai deer legs and she will cute! I hope!

Tea Time Three is at 104 handwritten pages! Yay! I think that deserves a prize!  *coughSyencough* I have decided to use the 'witchs fly on brooms' stereotype in the book. I've been thinking more about the Urban Fantasy and Fantasy genres and I stand by my earlier assessment that it seems like a lot of the fun has been sucked out of both genres. In a lot of books about vampires it seems like the authors are trying to write AROUND their characters being vampires. Most of things that make vampires vampires are often discarded. Like sleeping in the day or turning into mist. That was one f the reasons I HATED Moonlight so much. Same with witchs. I've noticed a lot of old ideas about witchs being replaced with a more realistic Wiccan bent and the brooms are gone in pursuit of 'realism'.  But honestly- if I had magical powers and COULDN'T fly on a broom I'd feel totally robbed! So the three reasons that the T3 witchs can fly on brooms are 1- it's fun, 2- I want them too, 3- I am a big fan of Kiki's Delivery Service- the book and the movie, so I want my witchs to fly!

I've also noticed that there doesn't seem to be any 'slice-of-life' fantasy which is a personal crusade of mine. To make the fantastical as small and beleivable and normal as possible. Not every story needs to be about people averting disaster, assassinating evil doers, and solving crime. What about the rest of us? What do normal people do in an extraordinary world? Someone still has to take out the garbage and someone still has to collect the garbage. This has been my frequent yardstick for fantasy for a long time. Can you imagine living in this world and raising children? If the answer is yes, this world exists in all its mundane glory then that is a good fantasy novel. If the world is just a back drop for warring armies than no, it is not a good fantasy novel.

But as far as other fantasy books about normal people leading ordinary lives... I don't know. Does anyone know of one? A fantasy novel where no one dies, no one solves a murder, no one fires, or draws, or OWNS a gun?

Also- the Mitford books are a little harder to get a hold of than I thought. I figured what with them being NYT best sellers the library system would have basements FULL of these books. Not so. The one single edition of 'At Home in Mitford' that s in the library system is a large print edition and I am currently second on the waiting list. I read some on Amazon though and I don't know if I'll be able to make it through. They are very much geered toward Christians. But so far this is the closest thing to what I'm writing I could find and I DO need to know more about church stuff for T3. When I submit Ts to wherever I submit it, I think I will have to use the Hollywood "It's Mitford with witchs" line of high concept pitching. The problem is that the few big publishers open to unagented books, like Penguin's Ace, Roc and  Daw don't look like they are in the market for a small quiet fantasy. Not if their current catalogue is any indication. LOL! Maybe I will change all that! Laugh at my foolishness! Of course #1 is FINISH THE DAMN BOOK!

18. Favorite antagonist and why!
Right now of my own antagonists probably Rev. Oscar Austin from T3, (denomination unknown-he may actually not be a Reverend but Father... I am ignorant of church going ways!) he is a health nut and hates junkfood and sugar so he doubly dislikes the three witch sisters and their teas shop. He is not a bad person though, and by the end it will be understood where his dislike is coming from. Other than that I can't really think of one. I used to like writing villians a TON. Many of my elves in the various Holts I was in were villians. For some reason that has changed. I do love a good antagonist though- evil is fun! LOL! But my own writing has drifted away from that sort of overt- 'I kill you slowly for fun' sort of villiany into more average people with differnt beliefs than the protagonists.

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So I've been working on another novel simutaniously with the R.F.N (which is now just over 700 hand written pages and an inch and a half thick!!!!) And the new novel is another fantasy of course but it's a lttile more what would be considered urban fantasy (Or small town fantasy??) I don't know... It's a book about a town and the three witchs who move in and open a teashop. I like to think of it as my own spin on things like Northern Exposure and Monarch of the Glen. It's very character driven and nothing too terrible really happens. And I've told to go read The Mitford books as research so it's off to the library I go. But It got me thinking that urban fantasy has been taken over by gun toting vampire/fairy/demon/hot chicks who solve mysteries. How did this happen? How did everything come to revolve around violence, guns, secret societies and made up policing forces for mystical beasties? What happened to fun? What happened to whimsy and gentleness? 

Who knows if there is even a market for that? It seems like in fantsay unless the shit is constantly hitting the fan and apocalypses pending no one is interested. So I wonder as always, what will I DO with this book whaen it's finished? It's actually going really well too! I'm almost at 100 hand written pages which is about 1/3 to my goal of 350 ish (maybe 400 to be sure I hit a decent word count) pages. Which wilol get me to about 50,000 words

17. Favorite protagonist and why!

Right now, still Ambriel- intrepid 17 year old heroine of the RFN. She is contrary, whiny, intelligent, lazy, and questioning. I like her a lot. She reads a lot, mostly non-fiction and while she starts the story dressing like a school marm a shopping trip in the big city improves her wardrobe immensely :) She's opinionated and secretly rather snarky.

And today I found out that my favorite city is hosting the 2011 World Fantasy con! That right- San Diego :) So that means I can go to it again! And fingers crossed, maybe Tea Times Three will be published by then! I have no idea how this will happen but first things first, finish the book!!

Anyway- I'll totally be at WFC in 2011. I might stay at the hotel too if I can afford it instead of making my poor SD friends drive me to it everday, especially if they aren't going. But I'm already excited! I can go and could be published by them! I mean wow- how is that for optimism?

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I don't like Q11 so I thought I'd answer 2 of them.

10. What are some really weird situations your characters have been in? Everything from serious canon scenes to meme questions counts!

I don't know about this, now I feel like I don't ever write anything creative. I think too many 'weird scenes' are just forced. I preffer realistic situations that feel genuine rather than forcing the characters into something into something just for giggles that feels really artificial.

11. Who is your favorite character to write? Least favorite?

I like writing angery characters. I like neurotic characters. I can identify with those two a lot. I like villians but lately I haven't really had any that I would think of as villians, my recent 'villians' are people with opposing viewpoints or people who are doing something they deeply believe in but runs contrary to society and orthe limits of lawful behavior. (terrorists.) But they are not unsympathetic characters.

But I have been writing a lot more lately. The RFN is still growing, not at it's usual pace but it continues forward. And I've started something new which is half as long! Half as long as the RFN is NOW, not half as long as the RFN will probably be.

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Today I decided to take a picture of my very own little monster in a box (this is refference to Spalding Grey's movie/monologue of the same name which I talked about several entries ago). Anyway this is what 628 handwritten pages looks like. So this is my novel Ambriel a.k.a. The Russian Fucking Novel a.k.a the RFN

Ambriel started in a much smaller three ring binder, moved to the black 3-ring binder above which it shared with several writing projects until it grew so large the other projects were relocated to other 3 ring binders.

Someday I hope someone out there will want to read it. If needs be I may self publish it and face the scorn of REAL  authors and publishers everywhere. After all, nothing washes off the stink of self-publishing. But I really don't know how sellable it is. Aldo someday I may need beta readers as they call them these days.

And for those two of you waiting for chapter 2 of Roserie and Marro, my apologies! I haven't had time to type on it i a couple weeks. And for those of you who would LIKE to read Roserie and Marrow and critique my crap there is still time to volunteer. I will need to e-mail it to you though. OR you can join and read it as it comes through the queue.

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I'll get to the begging in a minute.

First! I have done work this week! I wrote whole bunch of yaoi reviews for Otaku USA and that was fun. One of the books was really good too. It's just called Boys Love which is the worst title ever! I mean that's even lazier than my titles! Thing is it's good! It's coming out from Doki Doki and in the coming months my review will be is, guess what magazine? Otau USA! That's right!

Also I continue to work on the RFM: Behold my progress!!!

And then I inked one of the Cabaret Fairies for Queen Kat Designs

I think I'll have to edit out most of the detail in the feather facinator because it's just too much small line work.

I also inked my 1950 paper doll. I did that awhile a go but what the hell- I never posted her so here she is.

I aent chapter 1 of Roserie and Marrow to and sent it my two readers. So far it is ok I guess. I need to be a better writer but don't know how. I can't write beautifull prose. I have come to this conclusion. The sort of poetic beauty of authors like Ray Bradbury will forever elude me. I have a small vocabulary an can barely string a sentance together. I can tell things plainly. Who needs adjectives right? Or metaphors or similes?? Not me! That's who!

I do continue to work on R&M and am about halfway through typing chapter 2 and am writing chapter 3. I think it's bad idea. I think I should type the script and send it to the artist for whom it was intended and then find someone when they won't do it. And then after person 2 falls through maybe I'll pick it up as a prose once again.

The begging! I needs money! I need to buy 2 Yries from Soom! One for me and one for my mother to replace her beloved pet Mr.Bird who died in September. We all loved that bird so much and it was horrible when she died. Mom has sworn off pets entirely and that makes me sad. But this is a pet that won't die! But she'll never buy one for herself. And I don't have $300. Sooo, remember that etsy shop I used to pimp a lot? Well it's still there.

Buy Handmade
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Why do authors give a character a name and then AUTOMATICALLY call them by a nickname?? Just name them the fucking nickname or use their full name! This happens in EVERYTHING. I can't think of a single character of mine that had a snappy (in the author's mind) creative (also ONLY IN THE AUTHORS HEAD) nickname. Priscilla was NEVER called Priss. Pulsifer- ok I don't think that name even HAS a nickname. But seriously! I 'm so sick of it. Why even give your character what is to your mind, a creative name and then give them a stoopid nickname, thereby completely subverting the original "creative" (sarcastic air quotes) name??? Do you think you're being clever? Is there an actual physical 'teehee' moment where you are amazed by your own cleverness?
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Once upon a time, before the collapse of TOKYOPOP they were going to do a Jim Henson's The Storyteller anthology like they made the Labyrinth anthology. When my editor told me about the two projects I really wanted to do the Storyteller because I loved that show as a kid and it was the only thing I could think up a story for. There was a super tight deadline involved and I found a fairy tale to base my story on. I story from the Isle of Mann in Britain called The Buggane. Over the space of three days I watched the Storyteller nonstop and wrote my audition script. I wrote it while watching the Storyteller DVDs in order to capture the voice and transitions of the TV show.

The editor of the project apparently loved my script and I was really proud of it. I put a lot of work into it and it was a challenge to write chracters I hadn't created. Then the shit hit the fan at TP, the project changed editors and of now I couldn't say if it will ever happen. My thought is it won't. They seem to have dropped almost all books done by Americans.

But I wanted to post my script because I like it.

The   Buggane

By Che Gilson


Page 1

Panel 1: Interior of the Story Teller’s cottage. The fire is lit and it’s nighttime. A wind howls and a tree branch scratches the window.


                SFX: Oooooowoooooo…

                SFX: Sktch, Skritch


Panel 2: The Story Teller puts another log on the fire. His dog perks his ears and shivers as the wind howls louder.


                SFX: OOOwhooo!

                Dog: I hate nights like this!

                Story Teller: It’s a cold night all right…

                Dog: You…you don’t suppose anythin’s out there, do you?


Read more... )
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Someone actually put my art in a Treasury on Etsy!  Go check it out! It's the painting on the bottom.

I uploaded my con pics to my computer... Turns out there's 300 of them. I'm NOT resizing and posting them. Interested parties are going to get a disc of pics to do with as they please!

So far those wanting my con photos are
and my mom

Those getting my con pics as a special prezzie are

Does anyone else want them? They consist mostly of blurry photos of Patton Oswalt LOL! Not really, but there's a few head scratchers in there.

Other than that not much is going on. Work continues. Mostly for Brett. Synopsis of the secret project is almost complete! Never thought I'd get there.

My mom is having her gallbladder removed. Apparently it doesn't really do anything except occasionally malfunction and require removal. 

Sard is almost 100% paid off! I cancelled the body brushing on him after seeing photos of the Beryl brushing problems. I can do a little something with pastels.

I NEED another can of MSC though! OMG! Saint- the Volks Tony head is 90% complete! I'm debating a few painted details but then he's done! Now I just need his body back :) His face-up, layers of white pastel to look like make-up, took almost the entire can of MSC to finish. I need to get someone with an airbrush to do Saint 2.0 when this face-up chips.... Alexie is also headless in anticipation of his 5th? re-do!! OMG! Yes, I'm doing it myself...again. Barring pro-bono work from SDink I really can't afford anyone good, and none of these people are my special friends since I don't live near anyone and can't go to doll meets. So unless Lachlana takes charity cases, it's me or nothing.
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I have been spending an apalling amount of time on amzon lately working my way through the descriptions and excerpts offered by the search "vampires" and "urban fantasy" I made it to page 65 or so on the vampire search- far in to start running into more self published crap than actual book (harsh, I know just suck it up). And I'm currently on page 31 0f the urban fantasy search.

This is what I've learned.

All heroines must be kick-butt. Martial welcome but not mandatory.
All heroines must be gorgious, not average, not a little chunky, but a Victoria Secret model.
All heroines must talk about shoes to express their feminity.
All heroines must have AT LEAST two boyfriends- both of whom are roaringly hot. Additional boyfriends may apply.
All heroines must come by their powers accidently. 
All heroines must be reluctant or feel put-upon because of their powers.
All heroines must have a brand name gun and said gun must be a 9mm or better.
All heroines must be sassy.
All heroines must have an 'interesting' name.
All heroines must have quirky sidekicks.
All heroines should be concerned about their clothes.
All heroines must have a tragic past.
All heroines must be obsessed with sex.
All heroines should be snarky/sarchastic/take a stab at wit and or humo, often at inappropriate moments.
All heroines should be stubborn because stubborn=strong. 



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