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I want to talk abouit tv and movies.

Eleventh Hour- This show is SO SO SO SO much BETTER than Fringe. Eleventh Hour is smart and doesn't spoon feed the science as appalingly or condescendingly as Fringe. Fringe is POOP! Eleventh Hour is also closest to Strange World (reruns air on Chiller network- go and watch!). The female agent in EH is actually, tough, intelligent and competant which is everything agent dumb blond from Fringe isn't. Rufus Sewell is really good too. I've alway liked him and I really hope this show lasts. And I desperately hope Fringe will get cancelled.

Fringe- I started out relatively nuetral to this show but by virtue of nothing else being on opposite it I end up watching it anyway. My loathing for it increases weekly. The main FBI woman is useless, and dumb. I can't imagine how she ever rose beyond secretary at the FBI. Dawson's Creek serves no earthly purpose on that show. He brings nothing to the show. Not acting chops, or a good character. Crazy dude- he's okay, maybe a little over the top. It might be nice if they gave him a specific psychological problem instead of the generic 'mad scientist' schtick he's saddled with. OH! and my personal favorite- the useless lab assistant girl who works for the FBI and serves even LESS purpose than Dawson's Creek. Except for no apparent reason she knows Latin. Did they even name her in the pilot?

Primeival- Speaking of useless characters... this show is bloated with them. The bleach blond from the zoo (I didn't even know she had a JOB let alone some kind of expertise until the 4th episode or so) Conner (name??) who is hot for blondie and dumb as post. I think he's supposed to be plucky comic relief. The main doctor of dinosaurs is I think supposed to be Scottish but can't keep his accent. He is for no apparent reason indispensible and able to push around the British government like he own's their asses. According to this show the British government has all the spine of a roundworm. They would cave to a light breeze. And after the last episode with worms invading an office high rise and the main character running in UNARMED they are incompetant AND stupid!! WTH? BUT the show is still entertaining. I'm not sure how or why but it is. I'll take their brand of stupid over Fringe any day.

Bridge to Tarebithia- saw this on Netflix online (which has started to suck a lot less since partnering with Starz)This movie was as morbid as it was boring. Nothing happens and then the girl dies. Yeah- that's it.

The Cave- This was a bad monster movie that came out a few years ago. I've been in the mood for monster movies and I got it from Netflix. The funny part is while it really was a terrible movie it was made by people of above average intelligence. I'm NOT joking. I watched the first few minutes of the commentary track with the director and a couple other guys. The movie was well researched and everything! It's just funny that there was such a gap between the smarts of the filmakers and the end product.

House- Tues. episode was the funnier episode of House EVER!!! OMG! I almost died.

Little People Big World- Why is that show still on???? It's boring. The family is boring. And apparently LOADED. But still boring.

When I'm at the gym I have started taking my glasses off so that I can't watch the news. One of the TV in the cardio theater is perpetually tuned to Fox News. Fox News is the worst most biased news channel on television. According to Fox News it's the apocalypse.


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