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Well, I'm back from Comic Con. It was good. I got swag which is cool and I got into a lot of panels I wanted too see. The only one I missed which filled up before I could get in the room was the RiffTrax Live panel. But I was totally almost first in line for Syfy (pronounced s-if-ee) Fridays. I was glad everyone booed the SciFi Channel name change. A couple cast members from Warehouse 13 where int he audience and it was cool to see them but they didn't talk or anything.

Panels I did get into: Family Guy, Cleveland Show, Vampire Diaries (barely!), Futurama, Supernatural, Smalleville-but only because it was before the Supernatural panel. Apparently the guy who plays Superman NEVER goes to cons but he was here this year, live and in person. The BEST AWESOMEST SUPER BESTEST panel I got into was the Watchmen LIVE Directors cut with LIVE comments by Zack Snyder! OMG! It was the best thing ever! I couldn't stay for all of it because the friends I was with left after the masquerade but I can assure I am going to buy the directors cut!!! OMG! I totally love that movie!

Swag- I got some free books. But I have to say I think the publishers were a little stingy. On Sunday they were handing books out only to kids! WTF? Oh well. I just like free books! I mean after I got some last year I thought the bounty would continue! I think they are getting wise to that though. Still- stingy! >:(

I got a Smalleville ballcap, a Tokyopop t-shirt going from going to the TP creators summit- which was NOT as lame as you might thinking! I'm serious! I mean they still aren't my BFFs but if they CAN accomplish some of what they are talking about it will be really good. One of the things they are working on is a partnership with a POD publisher so that the web manga- like Dark Moon Diary vol. 2!!! will be available in a print format for a slightly higher price than their regular books.

Further swag- an unknown t-shirt which is black and has something on it but I can't tell what. AND a Suckerpunch t-shirt. Suckerpunch is  Zack Snyder's new project and there were minions handing them out at the door when I left.

Vampire Diaries is AWESOME! I can't wait for it on CW! It's gonna be a great show and I hope it lasts!

Purchases- half off manga! Yays! I bought a bunch of yuri from Seven Seas- who I normally boycott on the basis of 'i can write for them but they won't hire me/don't know i exist'. And I got Jon's Beastman! The Mattel booth was swamped! Holy cow! But I got lucky.

The Family Guy panel was cool and they showed a long clip from their Empire Strikes Back parody episode. SOOOOO FUNNY! OMG!

Pitched to Yen Press. Mara sent me some of the material from Witch-Ever! and I showed it to the Yen Plus editor. She said it was hard to tell just from the samples I showed her, but she also DID NOT SAY NO! So that's promising.

Anyway, there's probably lots more to tell you all about but I'm tired of typing... Feel free to ask questions.
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Well, I'm back from EVERYTHING!  So here's the rundown!

Mayhem Festival- Well it was roasting in Fresno as usual so my cousin and I decided to skip the outdoor stuff and just arrived early to get good seats for the indoor portion. I was recovering from this annoying head cold and my sinus' were stuffed with snot. So I had to take copious amounts of kleenex with me were ever I went. I also decided to take a purse!! instead of my usual mini-backpack. (The only reason I even own a pusre is as a doll carrier for my tinies). PLUS when I was picking out my wardrobe the night before I thought to myself- what is the most rebellious thing I could wear to a heavy metal concert? The answer: Head to toe PINK. I even have a pink plastic spiked dog collar. My t-shirt was pink and had cute sushi-kitties on it.  And me, being me- had to take my own food to the concert since I knew there'd be nothing I could eat. So there I am at the mayhem festival dressed in pink with a purse full of food and kleenex! HOW MUCH MORE OLD LADY COULD I BE????

The highlight of the evening for me was Distubed- OMFingG! They rocked!! I just wished they'd played longer!  Slipknot I can take or leave, they were good, but their set was short for a headliner. Mastadon- meh... They need to learn to work a crowd better. Dragonforce was strangely entertaining, I enjoyed their old school-ness.

San Diego Comicon- Was great! 

Thursday- My luck streak winning things I don't want continues and I won two tickets to the Stargate premier Wed. evening for Annette. I was at the premier of StarGate Continuum which was great! The whole premier was really fun and took place on the deck of the Midway. I got a few pics of the stars but nothing great. Still I have requests for copies of my pics. I almost didn't go to it but decided to go anyway since we had tickets and I'm really glad I did. Another highlight of thurday was the Nordstrom Anniversery Sale which due to a stroke of luck, seems to coincide with comicon every year. I got 3 pairs of pants, a super cute sweater, and a really nice hoodie (which came in handy at the Stargate premier- it was cold on that ship's deck). I also went round to Image and talked to Kris Simon the Shadowline editor who is super nice. Met Mar Bellamy! Hi!! In person and that was cool. Fingers crossed on an Image book! Saw my friend FSC which was cool, though I never made it back to her table.

Friday- The big day! The MST3K reunion panel!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! So good! I was in the panel room 3 panels early and sat through X-Box Live- which was a lot more interesting than I thought. I got to see a bunch of horror directors who all made cool films for X-Box. Then it was the Venture Bros. Panel- and good news- there will be a season 4! And a major cliff hanger + possible death at the end of season 3. Then it was the Robot Chicken panel- I used this panel to use the bathroom. And now comicon gives you a hall pass to leave the major rooms. Which is good but funny. THEN at long last! Misty heaven!!!! Joel was unfortunately seated behind the podium the entire time!! But I got pics of just about everyone else except Mike's wife who was seated behind the crow puppet. The panel was hosted by Patton Oswalt who was GREAT! (I love Patton Oswalt!!) So it was awesome on top on awesome. I have tons of blurry photos of him too.

Saturday- Met Mara Aum and wandered the dealers room talking to publishers. Which was fun, and hopefully productive! Fingers crossed again in hopes of a Del Rey book! Or Yen Press.'

Sunday- Last minute shopping! Got some good deals at the very last!

One of the cool things that happened was I bought a little plushie called a Haminal on Thursday and noticed that the tag had 'mine' written on it. I guessed it was someone's personal Haminal and when I took it back the next day- I was right! It was none other than the creator's very own Haminal who had been all over with her. She was so happy to get it back I got a free mini Haminal, another regular Haminal, and a discount on the sushi Haminal I bought.  The story may even appear on the website!

I got a lot of free books! Thanks to Annette and Ailene's tip on haunting the publisher's aisle. I got about 5 or 6 which was nice since I didn't have a lot of money.

Ani-Jam- Fresno anime con. Sold off all my old books at the table I split with 2 of my friends. We were in the dealer's room and I did pretty good. I didn't sell everything but I made about $370 which is a nice boost to the old bank account. AND I didn't spend any of it! Which was plus :) I had a panel and people actually came! It was good! So it's nice to maybe have fans??? I sold ONE Avigon! It's a good book!!!! Trust me! Buy more copies!


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