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Someone actually put my art in a Treasury on Etsy!  Go check it out! It's the painting on the bottom.

I uploaded my con pics to my computer... Turns out there's 300 of them. I'm NOT resizing and posting them. Interested parties are going to get a disc of pics to do with as they please!

So far those wanting my con photos are
and my mom

Those getting my con pics as a special prezzie are

Does anyone else want them? They consist mostly of blurry photos of Patton Oswalt LOL! Not really, but there's a few head scratchers in there.

Other than that not much is going on. Work continues. Mostly for Brett. Synopsis of the secret project is almost complete! Never thought I'd get there.

My mom is having her gallbladder removed. Apparently it doesn't really do anything except occasionally malfunction and require removal. 

Sard is almost 100% paid off! I cancelled the body brushing on him after seeing photos of the Beryl brushing problems. I can do a little something with pastels.

I NEED another can of MSC though! OMG! Saint- the Volks Tony head is 90% complete! I'm debating a few painted details but then he's done! Now I just need his body back :) His face-up, layers of white pastel to look like make-up, took almost the entire can of MSC to finish. I need to get someone with an airbrush to do Saint 2.0 when this face-up chips.... Alexie is also headless in anticipation of his 5th? re-do!! OMG! Yes, I'm doing it myself...again. Barring pro-bono work from SDink I really can't afford anyone good, and none of these people are my special friends since I don't live near anyone and can't go to doll meets. So unless Lachlana takes charity cases, it's me or nothing.
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 Well, last week I asked my parents to help me clean the office at my place. It is something of a dumping ground for Sunny- everytime she has company she shovels things into the office and shuts the door. Thing is, I actually work in here...

So, it was supposed to be an easy job. Sunny was out of town and it was time to clean. Mostly I wanted to organize the closet which was going to complete waste. In the middle of cleaning I find poo on the office floor. Now in a house with 5 cats this may not be a surprise, but the cats don't come into this part of house, it is seperated with closed doors. So unless they can work a doorknob (which I HAVE had nightmares about) I'm safe. Also the poo is smaller than a cats and has no odor. So this leads me to believe to it is NOT a cat. Then I find poo on my desk! My desk! Arg! I also start putting 2 and 2 together. For the past month or so when I would work in the office at night sometimes I would hear noises. Paper rustling very softly. I'd go look and nothing would be there. Nothing in the office was ever out of place either. So maybe I'm hearing things right? Well, no, as there is poop in the office. We took EVERYTHING out of the closet and low and behold- more poo! Well, since the noises are nocturnal and the poop very small and not rat shaped, I think it must be a possum. They are fairly plentiful. The thing it it's no where to be found.

My parents go home and that evening I'm in the office and I hear scratching. In the course of cleaning I had closed one of the built in drawers beneath the closet, the other one is closed and has an end-table/cabinet thing infront of it, so it's actually blocked. Well- this means I have the office pooper trapped! The next day my parents come back and we empty both drawers and guess what? No pooper. But plenty more poo. The contents of Sunny's drawer we put in a paper bag for her too sort, a lot of it has been peed/pooed on but some of it was important so she would want to go through it. Just as my parents were getting ready to go my dad says "hey I think we caught it. That bag with Sunny's stuff is making noise". Well, we had a big 5 gallon bucket ready to put the pooper in when caught so we dumped the bag with Sunny's stuff in it into the bucket. Then took everything out of the bucket one at a time. Low and behold! There was the office pooper! He was nesting in a bunch of old panties.

So up until that moment the little guy had been livin large on all the catfood he could eat. Here he is about to be expelled from possum heaven. This is what I'm sure was happening- every night it squeezed under the office door and the kitchen door, went to eat cat food and drink water, then squeezed back and slept all day in the nest of panties. Sunny's cats are USELESS. They have NO sense of territoriality.

But the possum has been released into the wild and the cat food train has ended. It now has to make an honest living. And the office (and my desk!) are mercifully poop free.


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