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Mar. 8th, 2011 03:51 pm
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I bought 5 $.99 books on Amazon and I bought them cold! Yikes!

The break down:

Scourge: A Grim Doyle Adventure; self described as steampunk for kids. It has a number of excellent reviews and I've had my eye on it for awhile. Also I'm following a thread on AW about how no one buys middle grade and YA on Kindle.

Milrose Munce and the Den of Professional Help; this seeems to be MG pubbed overseas and without an American publisher so they went DIY. I hope this sets a precidence for more foreign books to do this if foreign rights fall through.

Milrose Munce and the Plague of Toxic Fungus; You had me at fungus. This is the sequel obviously.

Night and Chaos: The Deava Chronicles; This one being the rather biased choice! Thought I'd go with an author I KNOW to be good.

Tinna's Promise; I liked the cover art. This should totally prove cover art is still KING! Make a good one! Even for an e-book!! Fork over for that nice stock photo and the extended rights :)

I also got samples of two more.

I'll let you know how this goes....

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Ok. I'm changing up my writing blog little and I'm going to start doing some Kindle reviews of Indie books self-published on Kindle. I'm considering more and more self publishing- not everything- just a few things like my flash fiction (which could be a nice collection), and Ambriel. Plus the story games like these

So the plan is spend $5.00 a month on $.99 indie books from Amazon, review them, maybe even post reviews on Amazon, and see if I take the pulse of e-books and self publishers. I'm particularly interested in those working in genre, YA, and MG.

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Today I decided to take a picture of my very own little monster in a box (this is refference to Spalding Grey's movie/monologue of the same name which I talked about several entries ago). Anyway this is what 628 handwritten pages looks like. So this is my novel Ambriel a.k.a. The Russian Fucking Novel a.k.a the RFN

Ambriel started in a much smaller three ring binder, moved to the black 3-ring binder above which it shared with several writing projects until it grew so large the other projects were relocated to other 3 ring binders.

Someday I hope someone out there will want to read it. If needs be I may self publish it and face the scorn of REAL  authors and publishers everywhere. After all, nothing washes off the stink of self-publishing. But I really don't know how sellable it is. Aldo someday I may need beta readers as they call them these days.

And for those two of you waiting for chapter 2 of Roserie and Marro, my apologies! I haven't had time to type on it i a couple weeks. And for those of you who would LIKE to read Roserie and Marrow and critique my crap there is still time to volunteer. I will need to e-mail it to you though. OR you can join and read it as it comes through the queue.

Book haul!

Jun. 25th, 2009 08:28 pm
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Well for about $26 ish dollars I was able to get 14 books :) from the used bookstore! Yay for credit!

I'm thrilled to have my own copy of Ring and Blindsight. Blindsight in particular of course! I may have gone overboard on the Naomi Novik Temeraire series- I mean I should read one and see if I like it. But I had them marked for return so they can go back to the bookstore. And check it out- THEY HAVE MANGA. The manga is a little hit or miss but Dazzle 2 and 4 was too good to pass up- not that I will know what's going on.. And I like Model. The Laurie J. Marks book-funny story- I bought Earth Logic, the sequel to Fire Logic about a year ago at another used book shop nad figured I'd get the first one eventually- and low and behold I did :) And you can never go wrong with Chuck Pahlanuik- love him. The Brent Weeks book is one I have had my on for awhile now and I'm happy to get a chance to read it. And Daughter of Hounds looked really interesting so hopefully it will be...

It looks like Tokyopop is FINALLY going to put up the backlog of online manga, which means Dark Moon Diary volume 2 may actually see the light of day.

Book binge

Jun. 15th, 2009 08:02 pm
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Lately I've been reading a lot. I read Persuassion and Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austin, Tithe by Holly Black, and right now I'm reading Moribito and Anna Karenina which I just checked out today. Anna Karenina is replacing Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City by Kirsten Miller. The irony being I took Kiki Strike back to the library today after 73 pages because it was boring. Beautifully written but I found it dull. So I trade it for Tolstoi.... WTH? Actually I was joking with a friend about Russian novels. If I weren't too lazy to dig the book out there is a good joke about Russian lit in a book called How NOT to Write a Screenplay which goes something like:  Russian literature is people with unpronouncable names talking for 500 pages and then someone aunt dies. I always thought this was really funny! And I've never even read any Russian Lit. So here I go! We'll see if Anna Karenina lasts longer than Kiki Strike. If nothing else so far so good. I made it to page 9.

Sense and Sensibility was the best of the two Austin books. Persuassion was the weakest novel of hers I've read so far. The only two Austin novels I haven't read are Northanger Abby and Mansfeild Park. Thing is I read in the foreward that Persuasson was written when she was getting really sick and was her last novel before she died. So I suppose it can be forgiven that she didn't have the time to really work on it. Funny thing was I watched a Pursiassion BBC mini-series on Netflix and THEN checked the book out of the library.

In good news I have a short story which is going to appear in the June issue of the e-zine Drops of Crimson! The YA themed Jun issue goes up in 16 days. I will of course spam mercilessly! Some of you will be getting e-mails but I'll also put links up here and on DA.
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I have been spending an apalling amount of time on amzon lately working my way through the descriptions and excerpts offered by the search "vampires" and "urban fantasy" I made it to page 65 or so on the vampire search- far in to start running into more self published crap than actual book (harsh, I know just suck it up). And I'm currently on page 31 0f the urban fantasy search.

This is what I've learned.

All heroines must be kick-butt. Martial welcome but not mandatory.
All heroines must be gorgious, not average, not a little chunky, but a Victoria Secret model.
All heroines must talk about shoes to express their feminity.
All heroines must have AT LEAST two boyfriends- both of whom are roaringly hot. Additional boyfriends may apply.
All heroines must come by their powers accidently. 
All heroines must be reluctant or feel put-upon because of their powers.
All heroines must have a brand name gun and said gun must be a 9mm or better.
All heroines must be sassy.
All heroines must have an 'interesting' name.
All heroines must have quirky sidekicks.
All heroines should be concerned about their clothes.
All heroines must have a tragic past.
All heroines must be obsessed with sex.
All heroines should be snarky/sarchastic/take a stab at wit and or humo, often at inappropriate moments.
All heroines should be stubborn because stubborn=strong. 



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