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Carmine Rojas
by *spiderliing666 on deviantART

OK! For the two of you out there who have the Carmine story here is she is! This isn't the best but it's as close as I can get. I love her!! Her character is still evolving in the two stories but I think I have her basics down. It's also weird having to refference events in the second story that I haven't written yet in the first story! But the second one is almost done! And this one will come in on or under word count! [ profile] naomi_jay YOU will be getting a copy of the second Carmine story along with beggings for reassurance that I don't suck!

Next I may draw Sejal but she is a lot harder. I also realized that in the first Carmine story there isn't a single white person! I am so out of my depth!
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I finished the face-up on my Armeria- Just in time for the dollmeet on Saturday. As usual here is the link to her thread on DoA AND a little teaser for you because I think I did a pretty damn good job on her face-up. 


At some point I will scan in the drawing I did of my shortstory character Carmine Rojas. I was going to do it today but I needed to clean because my friend is coming to visit for a week.

I also sort of started cleaning the garage and there are rats. Or WERE rats. OMG rat turds are huge! I mean I must have house cat size rats or something! Anyaway the garage is a disaster.

Ok, none of this is really interesting.

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After watching Rome Season 1, Engineering an Empire on History Channel, and yes, even Sparticus Blud and Sand I think I can safely say that Rome is my favorite ancient place/civilzation/culture, eclipsing even my deep love of pre-Columbian South America.

I reached this epiphany this weekend because I insisted on seeing The Eagle, forever giving up the oppurtunities to see Black Swan or The King's Speech in theaters.

The Eagle is a good movie, though sadly more about ancient Britain than Rome ( The same way Apocalyptico was more about rainforest tribes than the Maya)  it still had a Roman main character and was all about Roman stuff. Just go see it. It's NOT the mindless action in ancienty times that was hoping for, it was more sublte and all about honor, and friendship and loyalty and all that. I was sort of hoping for more Sporticus-esque action but I think I'll have to go watch Sparticus: Gods of the Arena for that. But The Eagle is worth it! Good movie!

Oh, and Rome season 2 is on my Netflix queue somewhere! Right now I'm trying to watch Hyper-Police (old skool anime) but disc one quit playing after ep. 1.

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This is a follow up to Sporticus Blud and Sand. I watched the WHOLE series. Wow.... Just wow.... OK it goes like this: boobs, violence, boobs, blood, violence, penis, violence, boobs, blood, violence, penis, boobs and blood and violence. Every episode is blood soaked sex, scheming plot twists AND for the ladies: the occasional somewhat distant full frontal male nudity. If you can get to about episode 4 the writing gets better and the plot reversals get fierce. The true test of grit though is sitting through FOUR freaking episodes. Apparently ALL Romans cussed like sailors because every other word is fuck and cock. And all Romans were also British/Aussie/Scottish proving the fact that accents=evil. When the gladiator's personal trainer (name unknown, he's called something like Doctore the whole series) gives the newbs his opening speech about how to fuck death in the arena, no, he'ss not speeking metaphorically... And then gives a blow by blow on exactly HOW one is supposed to fuck death. I was embarassed for the actor! I was embarassed for a lot of the actors. BUT Lucy Lawless has really great boobs for woman her age. REALLY good, but still natural looking. Not like weird silicon sandbags or something. The best character is actually Lucy lawless and her huband The Brother From the Mummy. Batiatus (the brother from the Mummy) is amazing! His acting is great, and well, kind of hammy. But then so is everyone!

The verdict- So bad it's good. It shoots past BAD and acheives lightspeed somewhere around awesome. It's like 300 on meth after a bad heroine binge. It's insane. It's a trainwreck, it's glorious and stupid and I can't believe I watched the whole thing. 13 episodes of what by all rights should never have been made in the first place.

And sad side note- according the member reviews on Netflix the lead actor playing Sparticus has cancer! Oh noes! So sad! And he's such good shape and he is one of the penises you get to see if you can make it past the first four episodes. There is a prequel series all about Batiatus which I may go watch because it's freakinf BATIATUS. But no new episodes of the main story until Sparticus beats his cancer. (I don't know what the cancer is I don't follow entertainment news, let's just hope it isn't penis cancer.

I should probably put this post under a cut for age limit, but you know what? What on earth is stopping the average 14 from clicking the I am 14 or older button? Additionally 14 is about the demographic Sparticus is aimed at to begin with.
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OK, these girls are AWESOME! They look like how I draw! Which is amazing to me and of course since they look like what Ido I love them! I had these girls a while now but only JUST got them dressed and everything yesterday! I have to lacquer their wings too, they have really nice steampunk wings that assemble and will chip unless precaustion is taken.

Here is the link to their pics on DoA please go comment!

And here are a couple shots I feel like inflicting on my followers.

My pictures don't really do any justice to these leggy beauties!

I also have a spare body I might sell! Yay!!! I still want the Leeke World Elf Honey but I don't think I'll raise the money in time AND there is another Dolpa in like a month AND AND AND, Soom is due for another tiny soon I beleive! Fingers crossed on a little fantasy doll I love!

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So I decided to tryo out the DA art print feature! I don't know why. (In my head I'm telling myself to say something positive here but what I really want to write is something awful.) So anyway, I only have one up so far and it's my new years card! The moonviewing bunny! Because I LOVE her so much!!!

And in my neverending quest to draw bwtter chibis I started another series, mice girls! Now this is another set like my bunny girls but I can't show you anything until the rubberstamps come out! I mostly just draw for the stamps now because of the dangled carrot of possible money. And no one else will pay me to draw much anyway so there you go. Maybe I'll put up some teasers of the bunny girls I did. According to the one other person who has seen them they are INSANELY cute.

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Ugh! I want Yo Tenshi Una!  (and Nono, but she is rather secondary in the face of WS four sisters..) Good luck on that right? Well as usual it's another thing I can't get. Or at least not for less than a $1000 off Y!J Auctions. OK, maybe $800 but seriously. There isn't even a hope for another US Dolpa really is there? They didn't even do a stupid online Dolpa for their Volks USA anniversery last year. Was it me or was that SUPER LAME of them of them. Instead of actually doing anything for the fans they just wanted cards. And people sent them of course. I would appreciate them a lot more if their dolls were, I don't know, obtainable? That would be cool.

And stupid Sard will not sell! I hate him! Useless chunk of resin! He maybe the worst $1000 I ever spent. But he was fucking cool when he came out! I thought I'd die! I also thought I'd DO something with him. In case you forgot here is the link to his sale I got one nibble but they wanted me to mail him without insurance and I don't think so!!! Not that big and pricy a doll. No how no way! Besides the instant I get the $$$ for him it is going out the door!

Did I mention I named my Ran Princess Honeybee? Now all I have to do is BUY her! Spread the word about Sard! Someone out there must be longing for this boy!
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I'm almost done with Tea Times Three! I can't believe the end is actually in sight! I mean it is! I haven't finished a book since I dropped out of college! I wrote three middle grade books and submitted one to a few agents and got rejected. Which I don't think I'm surprised by now. But it wa very disappointing then.

But I HAVE to succeed this time. I mean I have to! There is nothing else for me. One time I watched a documentary on Netflix about a bunch of indie horror film directors, and I mean INDIE right. And one guy said something like 'this is it for me. There is nothing else in the world for me'. And I swear I just about cried when I heard that.  (I also know I have related this story somewhere on this blog before) But this is it for me.

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Here is a phone call I got on my sell today.

Me: Hello

Caller: I want two pepperoni pizzas.

Me: You have the wrong number.

Caller: No, right number.

Me: No

Caller: Two pepperoni pizzas.

Me: No

Caller: Two pepperoni pizzas

Me: Nope

Caller: Give me the (explative- possibly fucking) pizzas!

And than I hung up. I mean, he's certainly not getting pizzas with that attitude! I have a good mind to put my manager on the phone. AND the way they pronounced pepperoni it sounded like they were ordering 'peppermint pizzas'. Those don't even exist! Although I bet you could make a really good dessert peppermint pizza if anyone out there cares to try.



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Princess Marmalade
by *spiderliing666 on deviantART

This is the first thing I've gotten colored in a while. She is a rubberstamp over at Queen Kat Designs the rubberstamp company that is the sole reason I draw anymore! But it keeps ma skillz sharp. I think. Anyway I wanted to do a marmalde colored cat girl but her dress covers the stripes and I tried to put stripes on her face but it didn't work out right so there you go.
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Well my werewolf story is now officially too long! But I have an idea for another short story with the same character! But I want to finish the one I'm on and see how long it is. I'm going to try out a few magazines with this one and maybe Damnation Press although it get's mixed reviews. But there aren't that many places to send long short stories and I don't think it'll hit novella length.

But I suppose I should start the shorter story. Maybe this will be the beginning of the legend of Carmine Rojas El Lobo Negro! Rarrr! LOL! I don't know. I don't know what I'm doing writing wise half the time. I quit work on Calvin because everyone said it's too dark for middle grade kids but I'm dying to work on it even though I have NOTHING more for it. I reached the point where I ran out of outline. And will any horror press take a story with a 12 year protag??? I mean nothing BAD happens to him and he's alive at the end it just happens that all this aweful shit happens to a kid...

Arg! I need a writer support group! AW just doesn't cut it!

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Ok, I know I am totally behind on paychannel original programming so I thought I'd check out Sparticus Blood and Sand. O. M. G. Is it supposed to be serious? I mean they can't be serious right? It's basically just a big fat rip-off of 300 which was... let's not go there. I mean do film makers realize that they DID have clothes back then. People didn't just run around in loincloths. There weren't just two fashion choices in the ancient world. Loincloth or toga.

Obviously it's meant to be a comedy right? I mean it's pretty well on the other end of the spectrum as Rome which makes a very good stab in the direction of accuracy and is a GREAT (though cancelled) show.

Also, while I'm talking TV I have been watching a lot of Louis C.K. material and I have to say he is without a doubt the funniest man alive. The problem now is that I've watched a lot of Louis C.K. no other stand up comic is funny. I'm serious! They aren't! I watched about 3 Louis specials in the past month plus his TV show on FX TWICE and every time I try and watch another stand-up comic on Comedy Central they just aren't funny.

So- Louis C.K.- you have to make more things for me to watch because you've ruined me for other comedians. Except Tosh 2.0 for some reason. I've started watching that show and it is amusing.

And speshul prize to anyone who get's the reference in the title of this post.

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So.... someone posted on AW that WFC wa selling out quickly and I panicked and got my tickets! So I guess I'm going! Anyone else? It's in an Diego this year :) Which brings me to my next question- Anyone want to share a hotel? I have one possible to hit up as a roomie but they aren't really a friend FRIEND if you know what I mean. I will try though...

AND I'm going to keep posting this link until I get more comments on LJ or on my blog! Come on! It's awesome!

And due to AW I may actually have people to talk to at WFC this year. If only briefly. AND with more luck I will have Tx3 done and be submitting it to agents.

Lastly ny werewolf tory is for sure going to run over 5k. Now I don't know what to do with it. Well, finish it, that's obvious, cuz I lurv it. But THEN I don't know what to do with it. The stoopid answer is expand it into a book. The better answer is to look on Ralan and see if there is another UF anthology I can end it to. The less than ideal answer is try to cut it down to 5K when I finish it.

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I submitted a small snippet of Ambriel to Juliette Wade's Wednesday Worldbuilding Workshop for analysis. Every week she accepts bits of work in order to help and educate other writers.

You can see my work and what she said about it at the link above. I highly recommend sending something in. Especially if you write science fiction or fantasy.

It was great fun to read her comments :)

And it's nice to know that other people find Ambriel interesting. I hope to finish it one day. I don't know that it will ever be published, but I may self publish it. I just hope I haven't doomed it because I haven't worked on it in months. I've been putting my all into finishing Tea Times Three which I really think could get published.

So, still no takers for Sard. But it's early. And now three copycats have followed in my wake and posted THEIR Sards for sale. I'm a bit annoyed by that frankly but I'm the cheapest Sard with the fantasy bits on the market. 

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RARRRR! I am here to vent about internet asholes! Specifically internet assholes on Absolute Write. Some holier than thou jag-off on AW sent me a nasty rep (reputation points- which if you ask me is the most retarded thing to put on a MESSAGE BOARD EVER. But I will get back to that.)

Basically they commented on my profile about a post I made and they had no real reason to send the rep other than to be an asshole and prove to me their assholery.

Now, here is why something like "reputation points" on a message board is the utter height of stupidity. It's the INTERNET and probably 99% of the internet is people running around trying to prove that they are SUPER AWESOME GODS AND THEREFOR SUPERIOR TO YOU. And the only way they can do all that is to be ASSHOLES to everyone else.

I also got called out on my retarded unicorn joke which I still stand behind! Because I'm tired of PC bullshit and because it's a JOKE. It's not serious. I'm not making fun of anyone's- what is the PC term, developmentally disabled?- kid/sibling/relative/whatever. And because it's impossible to use the term developementally disabled in a joke.

So, suck on that Absolute Write.

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Sard is up for sale! That's right! And I'm asking an apalling amount of money!

And here is my answer to everyone looking at the $2,300 price tag going "Is she on crack? No one will pay that much!" Well then I'll still have a Sard bitches! So there!

Anyway! I'm really trying for that Ran! If I can sell him I'm getting her! And she won't just sit around un-named. If you are interested here is his sales thread. If nothing else go look so it looks like people are viewing the sales thread!


Jan. 24th, 2011 09:32 am
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Well Pel is a no-go. Not without ANY fantasy parts! The hell Soom? No wings? No bird legs? Nothing? She is cute but I have to say she looks like an MSD version on Rosette Dolls Fir. Not that that is so strange they are from the same company, perhaps even the same sculpter but without fantasy parts I lose interest guickly. How spoiled is that? Soom has ruined us with the fantasy parts.

I guess I will wait and see what they put out next month. Soom is do for another BIG doll though and I don't like them. I mean I LIKE them but honestly they are so huge..And so expensive. And I still have the bunneh on layaway.

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OMG I Googled myself and found an ANCIENT interview with myself that I didn't know about. Oh. Em. Gee. I am a dork! Holy crap! I giggle the ENTIRE interview! And my voice is so whiny. And high pitched. And aweful! And I know I sound like this in person too! I hate it! It's borderline Lois Griffin I swear!

Oh, and Sard may be back on the chopping block. I heard there is ONE Ran for sale at the Volks store! Someone cancelled and I wants her! My Precious! Hrrmm. Anyway! Another LJer and DoA user has offered to go buy her and ship her for free XD but I need to raise $980-ish to get her. Thing is I don't know how long it'll take to sell Sard. And I'm STILL not taking less than $2300 for him goddammit! I like my bragging rights. But Ran! A fullset Ran!

And yes Vampire Anneke, if Pel turns out awesome enough YOU will get Nyx. :)

Is the video working at all? Goaddamn fucking LJ! I pasted the embed code from You Tube. If it doesn't work here is a link  gaddammit! I hate it when I can't get things to work right
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Pel the Thunderbird Summoner looks COOL! I had been eyeballing the Leeke World elves in cute lavender and minty green skin but Soom always wins! Why is that? Arg!

I just posted in the What's So Cool About Volks thread too explaining why I love them and why I hate them. A lot of people who don't even own Volks seem to come out and bitch about them but I do have first hand experience of them and their dolls and feel fully qualified to bitch about them.

Mostly I just hate HOW they sell the dolls. The dolls themselves are great! I love all my Volks! But when it's so hard to actually get one...

I had enough money that I couls have put in for the last SD17 Williams that came out but for the price of Willy I bought 2 fullset Rosette girls. So I passed by my dream doll with nary a second thought. I keep aying 'Someday I'll get my Ran" too, but darnit Soom just keeps being awesome! Awesome with LAYAWAY :)

Anyway! Back to Pel! I am hoping for fantasy bits, the bird legs I did not get with Tuff and Sueve. But we'll see. Ideally I would like bird legs, wings on her back- not wing arms, and maybe a magnetic bird tail! Total price $750! LOL!

I did make the second payment on my bunneh boy :) YAY! And maybe I can pay him off in time to put Pel on layaway! Oh noes... I need more money!!!

Anyone want art?

Oh crap! Speaking of art! I have no motivation to draw anymore! I ues to fill sketchbooks like nobodies business! I used to love to draw! And now I just don't want to! Even though my art is getting better by virtue of sheer quantity it just feels like a chore lately! A chore that 1-I do for money and 2- Pays me NOTHING. So it's like why bother? I could be writing! It feels like the art is TAKING time away from my writing and that isn't good motivation.

How do I get my art back? I wish I could afford some artbooks and a trip to a Kinokuniya! I used to get a lot of inspiration from artbooks.

But back to the grindstone! I am, I think, closing in on the interminable party scene in Tx3 and I actually typed a little of my werewolf magnum opus! LOL! It's a short story! But I'm so pleased with my bad assery that I don't think I'll write a better werewolf story ever! Ok that's not true. But for wahtever reason the supernatural creatures I do the LEAST with are fairies and werewolves.They just don't do a lot for me. My heart belongs to vampires....

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I just downloaded what looked like a cute YA novel (for free- duh) for my Kindle and THEN I looked up the publisher and it's CHRISTIAN *shiver* Then I realized maybe I was being prejudiced... I'll give a shot. Thank GAWD for that delete button LOL! But now I have the embarasment of having downloaded it in the first place... That's mean though. I till LOVE the Mitford books! And I still need 2-ummmm 5? I think?

And you know what? $9.99 is STILL too much for an e-book

AND- OMG! I think Perfume is out of print! I've been wanting to read it since I saw the movie and saw it at the used book store but due to lack of funds did not get it. And it's not on Kindle!!

Werewolf story: now 9 pages, maybe 10...I'm DYING to send it to someone! But I'm not done with the opening scene yet. And I have no plot... Arg! Stoopid way of the pantser! Ok, mostly I want someone to tell me I'm awesome! But I may be over-reaching, by a lot. I want someone to tell I'm potentially publishable. Or how about I'm not horrible?



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