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 OK I sold Nyx, Aku, the spare Fir head and I have an interested buyer in Starr my MNF Woosoo. So, why the doll culling?? It is all in the name of having Nobility Doll make me an original doll, one that I have (incompetently) designed. One that incorporates a lot of things I've been thinking about lately and a lot of things I've seen lately.

Here is the thing. The only dolls that really appeal to me are dolls I will never get Like Enaibi's dolls or any of the  Kinoko Juice dolls. Dolls that I MAY be able to get but not soon like Dust of Dolls Puns and Cerisedoll's Loonette 

I am tired of realism. I want something different! The problem comes where there are people making the dolls I want that I can't get so it feels like my only option is to draw my own version of THEIR dolls and get some one else to make it for me like Nobility. I'm tired of none of the dolls I want being available. I would be totally happy NOT to have to steal. I would be totally happy just buying dolls from other people. But they make it impossible! A 21cm mouse doll made by Enaibi sold at auction on ebay for 900 euros that is $1303 USD. 

My true ideal, my dream, would be to start my own doll company and design my own dolls. I can't sculpt though and no faith in collaboration any more. I am totally on my own to do the best I can.

Another problem is I can't draw well enough to get on paper exactly what I want. I am so frustrated with my own lack of skill I can't even express my rage. It's like a wall I just can't break. An to be stymied on every front- not able to buy dolls I want and not able to draw my own- let's not even talk about my total lack of sculpting ability.

OK! So the reason I'm here. HERE is the doll I'm sending to Nobility for them to make. I need 20 other people who want to own her or I can't get her.

This is from Nobility:

Individual order (1 body) : 5000 dollars
Group order : 10 bodis - 500 dollars per each
20 bodies - 400 dollars per each
(they are according to the number of bodies not the number of customers)

Here she is! I need to find out how much a custom head will be. Originally I just wanted something I could put an MSD head on but I don't think it'll look right. She needs a big head to make the proportions work. So I designed a head that STILL isn't what I want. But I'm hoping Nobility can sculpt better than I can draw. I'.m going to send other artists as additional inspiration. 


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