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So about 5 years too late to do any good I signed up on Amazon's elite littler author pages or whatever they are. I can now track the 3 Dark Moon Diaryies that sold in recent history.

BUT it will help me eventually if I ever self pub. And man! I am so hardcore pondering Ambriel for me self pubbed book. It is too big to print and this sounds terrible but I don't want to cut and rewrite it, not if I can I just shove it out the door full sized. BUT that meanz finizhing it.

And why am I typing 'z's? My 's' key has juzt about given up. It no longer workz with the button it zo I puzh the little rubber thing under the button and it'z ztarting to hurt my hand.

OK back to Ambriel- it haz bee trunked zince ztarting Tx3 but I am getting zuper enamoured of fizhing and putting it on Kindle/Zmazhwordz. Zo much zo that I am cruizing Zhutterztock for imagez. I alzo found a great image for Tx3 if it comez down to that... BUT hopefully not! I ztill wantz an agent! And a biggie publizher!!!

God the z's are getting annoying aren't they? You never realize how many s's you type til your keyboard quitz working! Like I'm in my own cutrate verzion of Mizery.... 


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